Sweetapple Cookery Book

The Sweetapple Family Cookery Book of 1796 is a departure from the usual publications produced by BAPH: bibliophily, cookery, and a hint of Quakerism, are just three aspects of historical interest covered in this short monograph about a unique manuscript. The family who produced this work, the Sweetapples, were a well-known group of papermakers. At the time of its production the family lived in Surrey and ran Catteshall Mill; later generations travelled widely and operated Hurstbourne Priors Mill (Hampshire), Gunns Mill (Gloucestershire), Eynsham Mill (Oxfordshire), Snodland Mill (Kent), then Allenwood, Braithwaite and Derwent Mills all in Cumbria. The author provides a description of both the family and the mill where it was written, along with a portrayal of what can be learnt from the physical nature of the book. This is followed by a full transcription of all 38 recipes, which at last are made accessible to a modern audience. Copious notes and appendices complete the work, making it a must for all interested in the history of cookery, social and industrial historians, and bibliophiles.