´Papermaking´ in the Stamford Mercury 1714-1814

The Stamford Mercury claims to be the oldest continuously-published newspaper in Britain, having commenced publication in 1712. With this heritage it is an important repository of stories and information about papermaking and the paper industry. Although it might be anticipated the stories would be largely of regional origin — mainly from Lincolnshire and the surrounding counties — in fact it contains a surprising amount of information about both National and International subjects. This booklet contains all the references to Paper Mills, Paper Manufactories and Paper Makers, along with sundry other items of interest to Paper Historians, that have so far been found. Each entry is transcribed verbatim rather than in an edited format, thus placing the Paper Industry information in greater context. Indeed, the booklet contains a wealth of extraneous social history in more than 180 separate entries, the vast majority of which are unpublished elsewhere. The variety of subjects (including: beer, boards and bones; excise, executions and exports; medicines, mills and moulds) is fascinating, and the booklet is completed by a comprehensive index.

A5, 48 pages, 2 illustrations.

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