The Illusive Silver Lining: The Rise and Fall of the Lancashire Limited Paper Companies between 1860 and 1880

The Limited Liability Act of 1855 ushered in a new method for financing private companies involving widespread share ownership. An inevitable result, caused in part by lax regulation, was share speculation and manipulation, leading to collapse of companies and loss of money on behalf of a great many share owners. Much has been written already about how this occurred in the Lancastrian Textile Industry. In comparison, The Illusive Silver Lining describes a far less well known example, involving the Lancashire Paper Industry, which went through a devastating ´boom & bust´ cycle over a two decade period. This text was published originally as a series in The Quarterly (Journal of the British Association of Paper Historians) in 2002. The various parts of this original series have been brought together and updated in this booklet, which remains a model example of how to structure a readable and compelling historical narrative. As such, this definitive study is sure to appeal to Cultural, Economic and Social Historians in addition to those with an interest in Industrial Paper History.

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