Shake was for many years treated by papermakers as a panacea. It is a far reaching and often controversial subject. It is hoped this monograph will arouse the curiosity of the reader. It is the product of a working group set up to establish and collect together knowledge, both technical and apocryphal, of the use of shake in papermaking. This will include information ranging from its use in the early beginnings of the craft of papermaking, to the sophisticated Fourdrinier mechanisms that are being abandoned in this new technological age. The study will deal with the reason for 'shake', and what can be achieved by it - and of course the contradictions. It is said that there 'are few aspects of papermaking on slower Fourdrinier machines that are more individual to each machine than the effect of shake.' This monograph considers the why and then the how of shake before we get on to practical applications. In addition to this no work on the subject would be complete without practical and sometimes conflicting observations.

A5, 48 pages, 16 b&w illustrations. ISSN 1759-765X

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