Suggested readings for students.

The books listed below are chosen not only for their content but also for their bibliographies which will lead the reader to further sources of information.

General Books
Clapperton, RH Paper: An Historical Account of its Making by Hand from the Earliest Times down to the Present Day. The Shakespear Head Press, 1954
Coleman, D C The British Paper Industry, 1485-1860, A Study in Industrial Growth. Clarendon Press, Oxford, 1958
Hills, Richard L Papermaking in Britain, 1488-1988, A Short History. Athlone, London, 1988
Hunter, Dard Papermaking, The History and Technique of an Ancient Craft. Dover, New York, 1978
Labarre, E J Dictionary and Encyclopaedia of Paper and Paper-making. 2nd edn, Swets & Zeitlinger, Amsterdam, 1952
Shorter, A H Paper Making in the British Isles, An Historical and Geographical Study. David & Charles, Newton Abbot, 1971
Shorter, A H Paper Mills and Paper Makers in England, 1485-1800. Paper Publications Society, Hilversum, 1957
Shorter, A H Studies on the History of Papermaking in Britain. Variorum, Aldershot, 1993
Thomson, A G The Paper Industry in Scotland, 1590-1861. Scottish Academic Press, Edinburgh, 1974
Biographies about Papermakers
Anon Albert Spicer, 1847-1934, A Man of His Time. by one of his family, Simpkin Marshall, London, 1938
Balston, John W The Elder James Whatman, Vols 1 & 2. West Farleigh, 1992
Balston, Thomas James Whatman, Father and Son. Methuen, London, 1954
Balston, Thomas William Balston - Paper Maker, 1759-1849. Methuen, London, 1954
Crocker, A & Kane, M, eds The Diaries of James Simmons, Papermaker of Haslemere, 1831-1868. Tabard Private Press, Oxshott, 1990
Hills, Richard, L John Tate, England's First Papermaker, Lecture at Stationers' Hall, 1993
Robertson, James Fifty Years' Experience in Paper-making. Reid, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, 1897
Mill Histories
Anon Carrongrove, 200 Years of Papermaking. Inveresk, Carrongrove, 2002
Bartlett, J N Davidsons of Mugiemoss, A History of C Davidson & Sons, Makers of Wrapping Papers, Paper Bags, Paperboard and Plasterboard Liner. Athlone, London, 1997
Crocker, A Paper Mills of the Tillingbourne, A History of Paper Making in a Surrey Valley, 1704-1875. Tabard Private Press, Oxshott, 1988
Evans, Joan The Endless Web, John Dickinson & Co Ltd, 1804-1954. J Cape, London, 1955
Fedo, John Mill on the Don, The Story of the Donside Paper Company. James & James, London, 1993
Harris, Colin Stowford Paper Mill and the Industrial Heritage of the Erme Valley. Halsgrove, Tiverton, 1999
Ketelby, C D M Tullis Russell, The History of R Tullis & Company and Tullis Russell & Co Ltd, 1809-1959. Tulliss Russell, Fife, 1967
Muir, Augustus The British Paper & Board Makers Association, 1872-1972. BP & BMA, London, 1972
Pilkington, Austin Frogmore and the First Fourdrinier, A History of the British Paper Company, 1890-1990. The British Paper Co, Frogmore, 1990
Portal, Sir Francis Portals; The Church, the State and the People, Leading to 250 Years of Papermaking. Oxford University Press, 1962
Reader, W J Bowater, A History. Cambridge University Press, 1962
Watson, The Last Mill on the Esk, 150 Years of Papermaking, [William Sommerville]. Scottish Academic Press, Edinburgh, 1987
Weatherill, Lorna One Hundred Years of Papermaking, An Illustrated History of the Guard Bridge Paper Company, Ltd. 1873-1973, Guard Bridge Paper Co, Fife, 1974
Specialist or Technical Subjects
Balston, John N The Whatmans and Wove (Velin) Paper, Its Invention and Development in the West. West Farleigh, 1998
Bolam, F (ed) Paper Making: A General Account of its History, Processes and Applications. Technical Section BP & BIF, London, 1965
Bower, Peter Turner's Papers, A Study of the Manufacture, Selection and Use of his Drawing Papers, 1787-1820. Tate Gallery, London, 1990
Bower, Peter Turner's Later Papers, A Study of the Manufacture, Selection and Use of his Drawing Papers, 1820-1851. Tate Gallery, London, 1999
Clapperton, R H The Paper-Making Machine, Its Invention, Evolution, and Development. Pergamon, Oxford, 1967
Clapperton, R H & Henderson, W Modern Paper-making. Waverly Book Co, London, 1929
Cross, C F & Bevan, E J A Text-Book of Paper-Making. 4th edn, Spon, London, 1916
Dagnall, H The Taxation of Paper in Great Britain, 1643-1861, A History and Documentation. Edgware, 1998
Grant, J et al, Eds Paper & Board Manufacture. Technical Division PITA.
Grant, J et al, Eds Paper-Making, A General Account of its History, Process and Applications. Technical Section of the British Paper and Board Makers' Association, London, revised 1965
Krill, John English Artists Paper, Renaissance to Regency. 2nd edn, Oak Knoll, Delaware, 2002
Magee, Gary B Productivity and Performance in the Paper Industry, Labour, Capital and Technology in Britain and America, 1860-1914. Cambridge University Press, 1997
Nuttall, GH Theory and Operation of the Fourdrinier Paper Machine. SC Phillips & Co Ltd, 1967
Churchill, WA Watermarks in Paper in Holland, England, France etc., in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. Paper Publications Society, Amsterdam. 1935
Gravell, Thomas L & George Miller A Catalogue of Foreign Watermarks Found on Paper Used in America 1700-1835. Garland Publishing Inc, NY & London, 1983
Heawood, E Watermarks Mainly of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries. Paper Publications Society, Hilversum, 1950