Papermaking in Leicestershire: An illustrated history

Paper and board manufacture was never a major feature of Leicestershire's industrial economy; nevertheless, the industry took hold in the county almost four centuries ago, and continues to operate today at a single site. The evolution of the industry over the first two centuries mirrored that of numerous other UK counties; however, what makes the Leicestershire industry unique is the development of a specialised product that was used almost exclusively as a raw material by other, larger industrial sectors in the immediate region. This synergistic existence lasted almost a century, and only ceased with the development of synthetic replacement materials in the second half of the twentieth century. This booklet compliments the two more detailed and fully-referenced articles published previously by the author; it tells a similar story but with some updated information, and provides both greater emphasis upon conversion activities and contains many new illustrations, including a reproduction of a unique and original Georgian pencil sketch of one mill.

A5, 40 pages, 27 b&w and 8 colour illustrations.

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