Other publications

Chinese Paper Offerings by Roderick Cave. Pub. Oxford University Press, Hong Kong 1998, as part of Images of Asia series. 200mm x 136mm. 74pp, 21 colour, 24 b&w illus.. ISBN 0-19-590356-0. Price £8. Available from Oxford University Press.

(Journal) Bollettino del Centro Internazionale di Studi e Richerche di Storia e Technologia della Carta 'A F Gasparinetti' - Fabriano, Italy - edited by Franco Marian.
Details of coverage, frequency and cost from the centre, 60044 Fabriano, Via C. Balbo, 56.

IPC Conference Papers, London 1997 edited by Jane Eagan. Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference of the Institute of Paper Conservation held 6th-9th April 1997 in London. Published by IPC. A4 paperback. 304pp, 195 b&w illus. Available from: Institute of Paper Conservation, Leigh Lodge, Leigh, Worcester WR6 5LB.

The International Paper Trade by Tom Bolton (BAPH member). Published by Woodhead Publishing Co. Ltd., Cambridge 1998. 240mm x 163mm. 182pp, 100 figures. ISBN 1 85573 252 1. Price £95 + p&p. Available from Woodhead Publishing Ltd., Abington Hall, Abington, Cambridge CB1 6AH.

The Book of Fine Paper by Sylvie Turner. Published by Thames & Hudson Ltd., London 1998. A4 hardback. 240pp, 26 colour, 53 b&w illus., 56 watermarks, 18 paper samples. ISBN 0 500 01871 5. Price £36. Available from: Thames & Hudson Ltd., 50 Bloomsbury Square, London, WC1B 3QP.

Le Papier: 2000 ans d'histoire et de savoir-faire by Lucien X Polastron, Paris, Imprimerie Nationale.
A world history of paper that brings a new perspective to 2000 years of making this material, from the first made in China to the present day. It is also a practical book which allows us to discover and understand the difference between various sorts of paper, and to learn to use them.
Jacket of straw paper, 224 pp, 193 colour photographs, 1 map, 24.5 x 32cm. Price 390Fr. + p&p: 50 Fr. metropolitan France; 80Fr. elsewhere; overseas rates not supplied.
Available from Comptoir des Ecritures, 35 rue Quincampoix, F-75004, Paris, France.

Foundations of Watermarks Study: history, theory, practice by A. Bogdanov. Moscow, Editorial URSS; e-mail: urss@urss.isa.ac.ru . 336pp, 34 figures, 32 diagrams, c30pp with tables & schemes. Bibliography, indexes. Price $15 + $5 postage ($10 airmail); add $1 for each additional book ($2 airmail).
Send total to Domingo Marin Ortega, Banco de Bilbao-Vizcaya, (Sevilla, Spain); a/c no. 0182-6001-41-000051140-8; SWIFT: BBV-IESMM.

Matrix 18. Eds. John & Rosalind Randle; pub. The Whittington Press 1998. Stiff cover, 236pp. ISBN 0261-3093.
Among a wealth of fascinating articles on various subjects of interest to printers and bibliophiles, copiously illustrated in colour, and in black and white, the latest issue of Matrix contains two paper-related pieces; Dinner With the Wangs: Ceremonial Papers of the Chinese, Part 3 by Roderick Cave. (Parts 1&2 in Matrix 12 and Matrix 13 ); Hand-made paper maker, Maureen Richardson's The Papermaking Girls of the Maqattam Settlement , describing the papermaking activities of the Zabaleen, the garbage collectors of Cairo.

Washi in the 19th Century. 126pp.
This catalogue of the Washi in the 19th Century - Homecoming of a Collection from Leipzig exhibition shown in Japan in 1998 and 1999, is essential for all those interested in the history of Japanese papermaking. All the papers shown were originally exhibited at the Vienna World Exposition in 1873 and were later deposited in in the Collections of the Deutsche Buch und Schriftmuseum, Leipzig. This book is wonderfully illustrated throughout in colour with text in Japanese, German and English. The Exhibition and catalogue were produced by the Deutsche Buch und Schriftmuseum, Leipzig and the Kyoto Institute of Technology.

Forging History: The Detection of Fake Letters & Documents by Kenneth W. Rendell. Pub. University of Oklahoma Press 1994. Hardback, 171pp, 209 B&W illus.. ISBN 0-8061-2636-1.
This book by Rendell, one of the foremost document examiners in the USA, covers every aspect of the detection of forgeries, including materials analysis and the equipment used in such work, handwriting and typewriting. Rendell covers some of the 'great' recent forgeries including The Hitler Diaries , the Hoffman Forgeries , and the Jack the Ripper Diary .

Architectural Photoreproductions: A Manual for Identification & Care by Eleonore Kissell & Erin Vigneau. This book is designed for professional conservators, librarians, private collectors, and researchers who want practical, contemporary insight into preserving architectural plans.
Paperback, 1999. 8.5" x 11", c50 colour illustrations, 138pp. ISBN 1-884718-62-0. Order # 53905-X. Price: $65.00 + shipping. Available from Oak Knoll Press, 310 Delaware Street, New Castle, DE 19720 USA. (Tel: (302) 328.7232; fax: (302) 328.7274; e-mail: oakknoll@oakknoll.com )
Or from St.Paul's Bibliographies, The Coach House, 106 Dover Road, Folkestone, Kent CT20 1NN, England. (tel: 01303. 322.0567; fax: 01303. 322.0600

A Very Good Public Library: Early Years of the Leeds Library by G. Forster, A. Hamilton, P. Hoare & F. Robinson; Ed. P.C.G. Isaac. 171pp; b/w illus. Pub. Allenholme Press for the History of the Book Trade in the North, PH 82 (June 2001). ISBN 1-873383-09-6. Price £25 incl p+p in UK; sterling cheques payable to Peter Isaac. Available from Prof. P.C.G. Isaac, 10 Woodcroft Road, Wylam, Northumberland. NE41 8DJ.

Puzzles in Paper Concepts in Historical Watermarks by D. Mosser, M. Saffle & E. Sullivan. £35. For further details & orders e-mail turpin@turpinltd.com