Industrial Relations in a Craft Trade: the Original Society of Papermakers 1800 - 1948 by Jean V Stirk

Studies in British Paper History: Volume IV
The late eighteenth and early nineteenth century was a time of political and social unrest in the United Kingdom, as a result of very poor harvests, rapidly rising prices of goods, and fear of invasion by Napoleon. Tension between employers and employees was noticeably extreme at this time, even in the papermaking trade where there had previously been a very good relationship between the two sides. It was against this background that the skilled papermakers set up a clandestine trade union - The Original Society of Papermakers (OSP) - in 1800. This book outlines the background to trade unionism in general, before giving a thorough and detailed history of the OSP. It describes the Union's structure, its nature and status, and outlines wage bargaining, membership benefits and some of the disputes over its 148 year history. It is the definitive text on the history of this small but important Craft Union, and the treatment given to the documentation examined serves as a model by which other similar unions can in future be evaluated and described.
228 pages, ISBN 978-0-9525757-3-3.

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