The Quarterly No 100 - Oct 2016

The Airgraph and other Photographic Means of Communication - Peter Bower

The Airgraph was a method whereby letters were photographed onto 16mm film, which was then transported across the world, after which the film was used to print full-sized letters. A 100ft length of film, weighing 5½ ounces, could carry 1700 letters that in paper format would have weighed 50lbs. The article is part family history, as it uses Airgraph documents and photographs from the author´s family collection; elsewhere the article describes the invention of micro-photography, and its use during the Siege of Paris and the Paris Commune in the 1870s.

12 pages, 24 illustrations

From Journeyman to Justice of the Peace - Jean Stirk

The subject of this article, Mr. John Potter J.P., was at one time Chairman of the Original Society of Papermakers. He was a self-made man of working class origins, who worked in the paper trade for 59 years and in addition maintained other social-minded interests outside of the papermaking business. He is also featured in the author´s other recent work, Studies in Paper History Volume 4 - Industrial Relations in a Craft Trade: The Original Society of Papermakers 1800-1948.

4 pages, 1 illustration

Paper Works of Messrs. Hilton at Darwen in 1843

Short illustrated item about a Lancashire family of papermakers.

0.5 page, 1 illustration

Medway Mill, Maidstone: A History, Part Three - Stephen R Hill

This is the final article in the series describing this lesser-known Maidstone mill, taking the story to the 1980s when it closed.

4.5 pages, 7 illustrations

Book Review:

Wind, Water and Steam: The Story of Hertfordshire Mills by Hugh Howes.

Underglaze Transfer Printing - Mike Malley

This article describes the process by which complex artwork was printed on tissue paper then transferred to solid objects, such as pottery. The article is illustrated in colour showing a modern demonstration of the process.

2 pages, 10 illustrations

The Fourdrinier Family and the Paper Used in Transfer Printing on Pottery, 1750 to 1850 - Mike Malley

This article can be seen as ´part 2´ on the subject of transfer tissue for pottery, and follows on from the previous item on underglaze transfer printing. This part describes the birth of the process from a papermaking perspective, and ends with the emergence of a business run by the Fourdrinier family in Staffordshire, in the early nineteenth century.

6.5 pages, 5 illustrations

Mimeograph Paper

A short article describing the chemical make-up of mimeograph paper, a copying grade from the early twentieth century.

0.25 page

Ivy Mills, Pennsylvania, (1729 - 1866) and the Benjamin Franklin connection - Colin Harris

Description of the third mill to be established in USA, which was started by a Devon man Thomas Willcox. As the title suggests, the mill was connected in turn with the great statesman Benjamin Franklin, and was also used to produce banknotes.

3 pages, 4 illustrations

Protective Coating and Fillers for Paper - Ornela Rezinovic

Description of experimental work, with results, regarding the anti-fungal and anti-mould properties of Tamus communis, a reasonably common plant distributed throughout Western Europe. Tests show extract from this root, when mixed with pulp prior to sheet forming, or sprayed on after formation, helps to prevent growth of fungal or mould spores. The author postulates use as a conservation treatment.

4 pages, 3 illustrations

A Royal Visit - Michael Stanyon

Illustrated description of a visit to Apsley Mill, made by HRH The Prince of Wales (later King Edward VIII) in July 1926.

1 page, 2 illustrations

British Scientific Products Exhibition: How Great Britain is attaining Industrial Independence of Germany

Contemporary description of an industrial exhibition, held just prior to the end of WWI, describing some of the achievements of British scientists in the realm of paper manufacture and auxiliary subjects.

2 pages

Guides from Dickinson News

Pictorial guides taken from the Dickinson News trade publication, illustrating Pasteboard Making, Marbling and Gilding.

3 pages, 20 illustrations

In Memoriam: Derek Priest (1930-2016) - Peter Bower

Obituary of a very early BAPH member, who started the Paper Conservation School at UMIST after a research career in the paper industry.

1.5 pages, 1 illustration

Daniel Richards Trade Card

Trade card of a London stationer from 1778.

0.5 page, 1 illustration