The Quarterly No 98 - Apr 2016

The Very Bad Mr Koops - Ian Dye

One of the most notorious papermakers of the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, Matthias Koops has been the subject of several articles in The Quarterly. His Neckinger Mills are famous both for making paper from straw, and from waste paper. This very well researched article goes behind the papermaking and tries to uncover the story of this elusive and nefarious man.

8 pages

The Paper Trail to Victory: the Importance of Paper in Warfare - Pat Nellist and Michael Stanyon

A very detailed and well-illustrated account of the various uses to which paper found use in the manufacture of armaments, taken from account ledgers from John Dickinson & Co.

10 pages, 7 illustrations, 5 tables

A Paper Mill Closure: A Personal Perspective - Mike Malley

A part-biographical, part-historical reminiscence about the author´s early experiences of getting his first job in the paper industry, in the 1960s, and the working practices prevalent at the time.

7 pages, 3 illustrations, 3 tables

Paper Industry Review of 2015 - Anon

A review of which mills / machines have been closed around the world, along with a summary of various news items for UK paper mill sites, whether operating or of historic interest.

1 page, 2 tables

Paperphernalia - Anne Willitts

Article based upon the Winchester Conference presentation, describing a wide variety of papers and paper objects seen by the author over the course of visiting various museums and galleries over a two year period.

4 pages, 6 illustrations

Origins of the Calcutta Cup - Peter Bower

The Calcutta Cup is a famous annual rugby union contest. This short article describes the somewhat surprising origins of the competition, which stem in part from the paper industry.

2.5 pages, 3 illustrations

Women Workers Photo

Part of our WWI series: female workers at Chirnside in Scotland.

0.5 page, 1 illustration

Medway Mill, Maidstone: A History, Part Two - Stephen R Hill

Medway Mill is one of the lesser known Kentish mills, which started making paper around the turn of the nineteenth century. This article describes a court case from 1898 detailing why the mill was forced to close due to pollution issues.

5 pages, 3 illustrations

The birth of Journalism in Britain: including ´Milling Mishaps´ - Daven Chamberlain

Article based upon the Winchester Conference presentation, outlining the birth of journalism in the UK, and detailing some of the earliest stories about paper mills and general ´milling mishaps´ including accidents.

4 pages

Motor Tractors for Paper Mills

Advertorial from a trade journal of 1919 for British-made lorries.

1 page, 3 illustrations

George Romney´s Portrait of Susanna Whatman - Peter Bower

Rediscovery of the whereabouts of a famous portrait of the spouse of the great papermaker.

1 page, 1 illustration

In Memoriam: Tanya Schmoller (1918-2016) - Peter Bower

An obituary of one of the BAPH´s oldest members.

2.5 pages, 4 illustrations

In Memoriam: Mike Maguire (1944-2015) - Phil Crockett

An obituary of one of the BAPH´s members.

0.5 page