The Quarterly No 97 - Jan 2016

A Sketchbook of Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) in use in Italy between 1749-1752 - Peter Bower

Detailed description of a small vellum-bound sketchbook used by Sir Joshua Reynolds, sold at a London auction in 2012.

3.5 pages, 3 illustrations

John Smart´s Portrait Miniature of James Whatman - Peter Bower

Description of a small portrait miniature of the famous papermaker, whose whereabouts had been unknown for many years, but which surfaced at a London auction in late 2015.

3 pages, 4 illustrations

Moon Type - Peter Bower

Moon type is a reading system for the blind, contemporary with Braille, but which is far less well known. This article illustrates the system and its inventor, Dr William Moon.

2 pages, 4 illustrations

The Wire Side of Printing Paper - Harry A. Maddox

Paper is a two-sided material. The surface structure of the wire side is very different to that of the felted surface, which has a significant effect on printing, writing, painting and other processes applied to the sheet. This article describes the differences with the aid of surface micrographs.

3.5 pages, 4 illustrations

Iping Paper Mill on the River Rother, c1906

Edwardian illustration of two women in a boat or punt in front of the mill.

0.5 page, 1 illustration

Women Workers at the Thames Paper Mill - Anon

Part of our WWI commemoration. With so many men away at war, heavy industry turned to women to fill the role of workers. This item shows a photograph of the women at one mill, along with a contemporary description of their suitability and prowess.

1 page, 1 illustration

The Canal Side Paper Mill, Ulverston 1906-1938 - Mike Malley

Part 3 of this series, the author describes the last three decades of this short-lived packaging mill in Cumbria, ending with images of buildings and other items in the landscape still extant on the site today.

5.5 pages, 5 illustrations, 5 tables

Conservation work on the Becher: Jason Gally book - Moira Buick

Description of the conservation work required to stabilise and protect this important accounts record of an entire slaving voyage from the 1740s.

2.5 pages, 10 illustrations

The Enemy Trading Act - Anon

Part of the WWI commemoration. Contemporary description of a prosecution for trading with the enemy - relating to an English paper company owned by a German bank - from 1916.

0.5 page

Mr. Whatman´s Rags - Stephen R. Hill

Description of a bill of lading relating to the import of rags by Whatman, dating from 1794. The article outlines information contained on the document, placing it in context to what is known about rag importation of the time.

2 pages, 2 illustrations

Cardboards: all kinds - James Scott

An article from the early twentieth century, showing the power of microscopy in analysing and identifying cardboards.

2 pages, 3 illustrations

Olives Paper Mill, Bury, on the Day of Closure in 2005 - Malcolm Austin

Eight illustrations taken on the day of closure of this paper mill, showing the empty buildings and some of the machinery.

1 page, 8 illustrations

The Paper Mill Chemist in War Time - J.F. Briggs

Part of the WWI commemoration. Contemporary description by a well-known chemist of the day, read before other chemists, of the work undertaken by scientists in the paper industry.

2.5 pages

Paper Used for Curtains or House Linen - Anon

Substitution of paper for textiles in the manufacture of household linen, from the turn of the last century.

0.5 page

J.T. Marshall Miniature Papermaking Machine - Dr Warren Hewertson

The late Harry Dagnall produced a number of articles about this miniature paper machine, which played such an important role in helping develop the use of hardwood pulps for the paper industry, and also aided the development of the Australian paper industry. This item updates Harry´s work, and notes the current home of the machine in Australia.

1 page

Transcription of the Way of the Watermark - Anon

Reproduction of a booklet produced by T.J. Marshall & Co Ltd. from the early twentieth century, showing how to lay out watermark designs on a dandy roll for different sizes of paper.

3 pages, 10 illustrations

Various Kinds of Paper - Charles Dickens

The great Victorian author and journalist published a number of articles about paper and the paper industry. So far we have published all but two; reproduction of this leaves a single article to go.

3.5 pages

Edward Lloyd Ltd. during World War One - Anon

Part of the WWI commemoration. The piece shows the staff of Edward Lloyd Ltd. in their Japanese office; one man in Western dress is surrounded by locals in Japanese apparel.

1 page, 1 illustration

Japanese Paper Yarn Textiles - Mayumi Kaneko

Following on from the Shifu item in the previous Quarterly, this well illustrated article shows the use of Japanese paper to make a variety of textiles. The author is an artist, who weaves the ´paper yarn´ and exhibits her work around the world. All illustrations are colour, showing the breadth of her work to best effect.

7 pages, 11 illustrations