The Quarterly No 96 - Oct 2015

Early Beginnings of Shifu - Susan J. Byrd

Shifu is a very high quality kind of cloth made from paper, invented in Japan around 1600, that over the last four centuries has been used to make clothing, boxes, hats, sword sheaths and other decorative objects. This exceptionally well-illustrated article is by an acknowledged expert on the subject, who recently wrote a definitive book on the subject.

10.5 pages, 12 illustrations

Medway Mill, Maidstone: A History, Part One - Stephen R. Hill

Medway Mill is one of the lesser known Kentish mills, which started making paper around the turn of the nineteenth century. This article describes the history, mainly from the middle of the century, when it was making paper by machine. The article is very detailed, and takes the reader through a variety of legal contracts as the ownership changed. This first part details history up to 1894.

6.5 page, 15 illustrations

The Early Indians Used Paper - Maria de Marron

A short item describing amatl, huun and tapa cloth - different paper-like materials made by various South American Indians prior to the invasion by the Spanish in the 16th century.

3 pages, 5 illustrations

The Amber Size and Chemical Company Limited - Anon

An illustrated report of a visit to this American paper chemical manufacturer during the early twentieth century. Of particular interest is the series of illustrations showing the various processes of rosin size manufacture.

2 pages, 10 illustrations

Paper Mill Records: Eynsford Paper Mill, Eynsford Kent - Peter Bower

A well-illustrated item documenting hand papermaking during the tenure of Arnold & Fosters, including some photographs taken to celebrate the tercentenary of papermaking at the mill.

4 pages, 9 illustrations

The Canal Side Paper Mill, Ulverston, Lancashire. Part 2. Samuel Pollitt and Company - Mike Malley

The second part about this Cumbrian mill, which produced various packaging grades, dealing with its middle period of operation: 1879-1905.

3.5 pages, 3 illustrations

Papier Moure - J.W.G. Gutch

A short item from a mid-Victorian journal on preparation and manufacture of fly paper.

0.5 page

Oxfordshire paper mills: Part 6 - Notes on North Oxfordshire - Frances Wakeman

The final part of this short series, documenting mills in Oxfordshire. This part describes Deddington Mill (or Adderbury Mill), Hazleford Mill, and North Newington Mill.

4 pages, 4 illustrations

John Harcourt Browne and the End of Paper Making in Cleobury - David Poyner

Account of a papermaking family and paper mill, dealing with the period 1815 to 1906. The mill was a small-scale paper manufactory which successfully turned to leather board as an alternative product in its latter years, until a fire caused it to close. The family them moved to Hertfordshire and continued manufacturing at a new mill until Browne died.

4.5 pages, 3 illustrations

Extract from: Arts and Manufactures - Atkin

An extract from an encyclopaedia from 1830, relating to contemporary complaints about the poor quality of paper being manufactured at that time.

1 page

The Paper Industry: Three Decades of Change - Daven Chamberlain

A short review of how the industry has changed, from the 1980s to the present day. Figures are shown for the UK, Ireland, and World production, and for the main paper grades: packaging, printing & writing, tissue and speciality. It documents the growth of the world industry and concurrent decline of the local industry.

2 pages, 4 tables

A General Meeting of Master Paper-Makers, 1803 - Anon

Minutes and list of attendees from a famous and important (and illegal) meeting of employers, held soon after the inauguration of the Original Society of Papermakers - the first ´union´ of papermaker employees.

2 pages

Book Reviews:

The Diaries of James Simmons, Paper Maker of Haslemere 1831-68 - Alan Crocker & Martin Kane
Second edition of a book about a family who ran New, Pitford and Sickle paper mills in Surrey.

John Smith, Papermaker of East Morton 1794-1871 - Catherine Wright
BAPH Monograph No.7, about a Yorkshire papermaker.

Fachwörterbuch Papier (German-English Papermaking Dictionary)
Fifth edition of this standard reference work for those requiring a bilingual papermaking dictionary.