The Quarterly No 91 - July 2014

Hidden Information: The Papers used in the Framing of Un Clair de Lune (Moonlight) and other Heliographs by Joseph Nicéphore Niépce (1765-1833) - Peter Bower

Niépce was a pioneer of early photography (heliography). This article outlines findings from an investigation into the papers used to frame his work Un Clair de Lune (Moonlight) which is believed to date from c.1820s. The article contains detailed information on the sources of papers and labels that help to chart the history of the work.

7.5 pages, 18 illustrations

Papyrus, Parchment and Paper. Part 8. Paper goes West - Richard L Hills

The penultimate part in this serialised, previously unpublished book, which deals with the journey of paper along the old ´silk road´ into Samarqand, then through the Muslim World and the development of Arabic Papers. It ends with the introduction of sizing by Arab papermakers.

6 pages

The Paper Mills of Chester - Mike Malley

The attractive city of Chester is not renowned for papermaking, yet over the years it has housed a number of mills. This article describes the Chester Roodee Mill (which the same author covered in greater detail in Quarterly 67); Handbridge Paper Mills; and the Dee Paper Mill. Alongside these mills he describes some of the surrounding area and issues to do with paper manufacture and water mills.

8 pages, 5 illustrations

The Envelope Machine of De La Rue - Ulrich Stienecker

The first successful English envelope making machine was that developed by Walter de la Rue, which was shown at the Great Exhibition of 1851. This article details its workings, its antecedents, and gives a short biography of the inventor.

4.5 pages, 4 illustrations

French Canadians and Sunday Labour in Paper Mills - Anon

A short news item concerning problems involve Sunday Observance in the French provinces of Canada at the turn of the last century.

0.5 pages

Oxfordshire Paper Mills: Part 5 - Notes on Mid-Oxfordshire - Frances Wakeman

The penultimate part of this short series, this one covers: Grandpont Mill; Upton Mill; Weirs Mill; Widford Mill; and Wolvercote Mill.

2.5 pages, 1 illustration

British Bibliography of Paper History and Watermark Studies No.21, 2013 - Peter Bower

Listing of articles concerned with papermaking history and paper conservation published in 2013.

4 pages

Addenda to British Bibliography of Paper History and Watermark Studies No.20, 2012 - Peter Bower

Additional articles concerned with papermaking history and paper conservation published in 2012, not included in the Bibliography published in Quarterly 87.

0.5 pages

Index to The Quarterly No.85-88 - Terry Wells

The index is arranged in eight categories: Articles by author; Articles by title; Book reviews; General index; Illustrations; Papermakers; Paper mills; Watermarks. The Watermarks index is further divided into those that are illustrated and those that are mentioned in the text.

12 pages

Book Reviews:

Washi: The Art of Japanese Paper - Nancy Broadbent Casserley
A new, exceptionally well-illustrated book on Japanese handmade paper making, focussing on two distinct periods circa mid-nineteenth century and late twentieth century.

Manuali Tipografici di Alberto Tallone - Enrico Tallone
Volume 4 in a series describing the Tallone printing and publishing house.