The Quarterly No 88 - October 2013

Art paper supply in Melbourne, Australia 1940 - 90 - Louise Wilson

A well-researched article describing the import of artists' paper to Australia over much of the second half of the twentieth century. In particular the article describes the various Australian merchants engaged in this business.

7.5 pages, 4 illustrations

Lost and Found: Part 4 Papeterie de Valvire, Saint-Lô, Normandy - Daven Chamberlain

A short item detailing the visible remains of a paper mill in France.

0.5 pages, 1 illustration

"A material pleasant to work on" Cornelius Varley's Use of Paper - Peter Bower

This highly detailed article described the wide variety of papers used by Cornelius Varley (1781-1873) over his exceptionally long working life. In particular it shows how the papers used in his later career bear little resemblance to those he used when young. The many illustrations include those showing watermarks, aspects of his work, and surface scans showing the texture of the different papers he used.

17.5 pages, 31 illustrations

Humour in the Paper Mill: Sandoz Cartoons Part 4

The final two cartoons from the illustrator E. Noak, produced for Sandoz Ltd in the 1950s. Both take as their subject manufacture of paper by machine.

2 pages, 2 illustrations

History of Paper Test Instrumentation Part26: First Addendum to Parts 11 - 24 - Daven Chamberlain

An addendum to this series outlining new findings in the areas of instrumentation designed to measure: Fold Strength, Wet Strength, Stiffness, Board Testing and Pulp Analysis.

3.5 pages, 5 illustrations

Watermarking at Fabriano c.1900

Photograph of women working in the watermarking department at Fabriano c.1900.

0.5 pages, 1 illustration

A Visit to a Famous Firm of Felt Manufacturers: Kenwood Mills, Albany, New York, U.S.A. - S Chas Phillips

A detailed and well-illustrated account of a visit made by the illustrious editor of The Paper Maker and British Paper Trade Journal to this major US felt manufacturer in 1913. The manufacturing process is described in detail, and is amply complimented by the numerous photographs.

6.5 pages, 11 illustrations

Intent on their Work

Photograph showing two women sewing security watermarks at Fabriano, Italy, c.1930s.

0.5 pages, 1 illustration

Papyrus, Parchment and Paper. Part 5. The First Paper - Richard L Hills

The story of early writing materials continues with the early development of paper in China. This part of the story outlines some of the early raw materials used, in addition to which some of the present-day papermaking practices in China, seen on visits in 2002 and 2004, are described.

4.5 pages

Book Reviews:

Papermaking and Printing in Cumbria 1600-1900 - John Gavin
Published by BAPH, this is the seminal work on paper history in Cumbria.

Bum Fodder - an absorbing history of toilet paper - Richard Smyth
An amusing, irreverent and scatological history of how toilet paper was developed.

Minerals in Paper Manufacturing - Dr. Mahendra Patel
A comprehensive technical work on the use of pigments in the modern paper industry.

Micro and Nano Technology in Paper Manufacturing - Dr. Mahendra Patel
The first technical work to describe in detail the use of nano-technology in the modern paper industry.

Ceramics in Paper Manufacturing - Dr. Mahendra Patel
A unique work, detailing the importance of ceramics to the modern paper industry.

Paper: An Elegy - Ian Sansom
An unusual look at the development and importance of paper to the modern world.

Silt Road: The Story of a Lost River - Charles Rangeley-Wilson
A touching evocation of the River Wye in Buckinghamshire, on which the paper industry operated for over three hundred years.

The Watermills of Buckinghamshire: a 1930s account - Stanley Freese
A recently-published seminal work on the history of watermills in Buckinghamshire, with a host of period photographs.