The Quarterly No87 - July 2013

Trew's Weir Paper Mills, Exeter - John Pitts

Part potted history and part reminiscence about this old Exeter manufactory, by the son of the last person to operate the mill. The author worked at the mill over a number of years, and relates many interesting snippets about its recent history, and ultimate demise following his father's death.

5.5 pages, 2 illustrations

Some Old Newspapers - Richard L Hills

The author's grandfather collected a number of old Kentish newspapers from the period 1783-1803. This article gives an analysis of the different paper qualities used to produce these late Georgian publications.

1.5 pages

PM11: Inspiration The Story of an Art Installation at SAICA's New Paper Mill - Julie Dodd

In January 2012 the new SAICA paper mill at Partington, Manchester, commenced operation; however, it was not until April 2013 that it was inaugurated officially. At this ceremony an art installation was unveiled, inspired both by the paper mill and the papermaking process. This article, by the artist, describes its inspiration, and the materials used in its production.

2 Pages, 5 illustrations

From Hopton Wafers to Broughton In Furness: The Story of a Bi-Coloured Label - Mike Malley

Whilst researching another article about the paper industry, the author came across this ream label from paper produced at Hopton Wafers mill in Shropshire. This article describes the label, and gives some basic history about the mill in question.

1.5 pages, 1 illustration

Recovering a Document Important to Railway History - Stephen Allen

This article outlines a talk given by the author at the Spring Meeting in London, 2013. It describes research to date a wooden plank used to produce a hut, by identifying scraps of printed paper left adhering to the plank surface under layers of whitewash. The building in question has significance as regards railway history, and was believed to be a rare example of a navvy hut.

2.5 pages, 5 illustrations

Papyrus, Parchment and Paper. Part 4. Early Writing Materials in the East - Richard L Hills

The story of early writing materials continues with an examination of the use of leaves, wood and cloth, bamboo and tapa.

5 pages, 4 illustrations

Humour in the Paper Mill: Sandoz Cartoons Part 3

Two further cartoons from the illustrator E. Noak, produced for Sandoz Ltd in the 1950s. Both take as their subject manufacture of paper by machine.

2 pages, 2 illustrations

History of Paper Test Instrumentation Part 25 - Printing and Printability Testers - Daven Chamberlain

To date the series has concentrated mainly upon different property tests for paper and boards. The instruments in this part are all dedicated to assessing the suitability of paper and board for printing. The devices described include proofers, which allow ink to be applied to paper and board under controlled conditions; ink drying and ink rub testers, which assess important end performance criteria; quality assessment testers; and ink testers, that measure basic ink properties without reference to paper or board.

8 pages, 5 illustrations

Mystery of the Dutch Drawing's Paper - Tatyana Duval

A new drawing, recently purchased by Cornell University, was subjected to a number of tests in an attempt to identify the artist. At the time of purchase it was attributed to Jacques de Gheyen II (1565-1629). This article describes the methodology undertaken to assess the true provenance of the drawing.

5.5 pages, 8 illustrations

Vallis Clausa - A Working Paper Mill & Museum - Don Wiltshire

Vallis Clausa is one of a large number of paper museums in France. This short article describes a short visit made by the author to the site in 2004.

0.5 pages, 2 illustrations

The Quarterly Index Nos 81 to 84 - Terry Wells

The index is arranged in eight categories: Articles by author; Articles by title; Book reviews; General index; Illustrations; Papermakers; Paper mills; Watermarks. The Watermarks index is further divided into those that are illustrated and those that are mentioned in the text.

10 pages

The Bad Composition of Modern Paper

A diatribe on the state of 'modern' paper from 1824, written soon after the introduction of machine paper manufacture.

1 page