The Quarterly No 85 - January 2013

Paste and Scale Board Makers in the Late Georgian Period - Mike Malley

Board manufacture was very much a Cinderella occupation compared with production of paper; nevertheless it was practiced widely and was a necessary raw material for a large number of packaging enterprises. This detailed article describes the board makers listed on an 1837 Excise document, and contains much information on the various uses to which the boards were put, including: button manufacture; hat box making; and bookbinding.

9.5 pages, 3 illustrations and 2 tables

Loch Leven and the River Leven: A Landscape Transformed - David Munro

A short account of the effect that local landowners and industrialists (which included paper manufacturers) had on the Loch Leven area. This article is a summary of a presentation given by the author at the 2012 Annual Conference, and provides an introduction to a book he has written on the subject (copies of which can still be obtained from the author - details are included at the end of the article.)

2 pages, 3 illustrations

The Origins of Eskmills - Ewen Jardine

Another article from the 2012 Annual Conference, dealing with the development of paper manufacture at Eskmills, which includes a description of the industrial espionage undertaken prior to the mill being built (originally as a textile manufactory.) After transferring to paper, notable names associated with the site include William Burke (of Burke and Hare fame) and James Haig, owner of a famous distillery. The article contains a detailed exposition of the mill development and is a fine example of history writing at its best.

7 pages, 6 illustrations

A Mill on the Darent - Charles Dickens

The great author muses upon a paper manufactory in Dartford, with flights of fancy invoking the history of paper production in the area and the origin of paper fibres sharing the page with a fanciful description of the papermaking process.

2 pages

From Rags to Riches: A Social History of Paper - Anne Willitts

A third article from the 2012 Annual Conference, which takes as its theme the many uses to which paper has been put over the years. We are used to reading 'social' history from a human perspective, but this article turns the genre upon its head and describes life from the perspective of paper.

9 pages, 5 illustrations

Mental Mechanics - Jack Lord

The final article from the Edinburgh Conference of 2012, which describes a narrow corridor of time, almost exactly a century ago, at which point paper machine engineers worked on the task of paper mill electrification. The author is an engineer, and describes the various problems that had to be overcome before paper machinery could be powered by electrical motors, rather than by steam power.

2.5 pages, 8 illustrations

Bleaching of Coloured Rags, 1792 - Mr Hector Campbell

Specification of the patent granted to Mr. Hector Campbell for his method of bleaching rags using chlorine.

1 page

A Brief History of Wiggins Teape UK Manufactories Part 4 - Merger and Decline (1960-1990) - Daven Chamberlain

The final part of a series based upon company history that started in Quarterly No.75. This part deals with the final years of Wiggins Teape, up to the point when they merged with Arjomarie Prioux. A final appendix describes the fate of those mills that continued to operate past 1990, bringing their history up to date at the point of publication.

5 pages, 4 illustrations

Papyrus, Parchment and Paper. Part 2. Early Writing Materials in the West: Papyrus - Richard L Hills

The serialisation of this 'book' continues with a description of the development and manufacture of papyrus, probably the most important predecessor of paper. The manufacturing process is described in detail, along with observations on how this changed during its 5000 year history.

6 pages, 3 illustrations

Some Personal Recollections of Philip Kerrigan - Alan Crocker

A memorial to Philip Kerrigan was an artisan printer and publisher, and member of BAPH, who died in late 2012.

1.5 pages, 1 illustration

Lost and Found: Part 2 - Head Weir Mill, Exeter - Daven Chamberlain

The second of this mini-series, identifying the site of a former paper mill that is now a thriving restaurant, next to the picturesque River Exe.

0.5 pages, 2 illustrations