The Quarterly No. 81 - January 2012

Perth's Paper Mills - Robin H. Rodger

This article lists seven paper mills around the Perth region, but concentrates in particular on just two: Ruthven and Woodend Mills. Both started in the latter decades of the 18th century, and both operated until the mid-19th century. This extremely detailed article described the various legal documents extant concerning both mills, allowing detailed descriptions of the ownership of both premises to be described.

9.5 pages, 2 illustrations

The Colour of Pen and Ink

A short piece dating from the late 19th century about the colour of printing inks and background colouration of paper, and how both can be manipulated to better effect as regards readability.

0.5 page

Outside the Square: A Considered Approach to the Treatment of a 3-Dimensional Paper Object - Ute Larsen and Camilla Baskcomb

An article describing the conservation of a rare late 18th century paper globe. Conservation of 3D objects brings its own problems, and these are amply described in this detailed exposition of the conservation treatment, and subsequent display considerations, used when working upon this unique object.

5 pages, 8 illustrations

Updated Notes on 'Papermaking in Lincolnshire 1600-1900' - Daven Chamberlain

In 2008 a book was published entitled Papermaking in Lincolnshire 1600-1900 by Hugh Nott, which contains a large amount of detailed information about most of the mills that operated in the county between the dates shown. This article adds further information on these mills, and includes a further mill which the author of the book failed to include.

4 pages, 1 illustration

William Town on Sizing

A small article from the notebook of this mid-Victorian mill owner, upon the intricacies of sizing quality hand-made fine papers.

0.5 page, 1 illustration

Hanging Wallpaper during the Regency Period - Rowena Beighton-Dykes

Wallpaper is one of the many decorative uses to which paper is put. This article, which is a summary of the author's research thesis, outlines problems with our understanding of an apparently simple problem - how wallpaper was displayed during the Regency Period. In some situations it pasted direct to the wall; others attached it to wooden frames that were themselves attached to the wall. A very detailed reference section completes this article, which is set to become a standard reference work on the subject.

8 pages, 4 illustrations

How to Get Paper - Charles Dickens

This rather oddly-titled article describes non-paper writing materials used mainly in America, then goes on to outline the problems associated with rag shortages and how these were limiting the availability of paper. It ends with an exhortation not to waste paper, due to its scarcity.

3.5 pages

History of Paper Test Instrumentation Part 21: Miscellaneous Test Instruments - Daven Chamberlain

The miscellaneous and eclectic items of test equipment described in this article include: sheet splitters; sample preparation equipment; filter-paper testers; copying paper apparatus; electrical insulation paper testers; and paper core testing instruments.

6 pages, 6 illustrations

Cholera and Rags

The transmission of cholera and other diseases by rags was an ever-present topic of enquiry, even in the early 20th century. This article, from 1884, outlines problems current at the time involving a cholera epidemic in France, and the effect this was having upon importation of rags into the UK.

1 page

Industrial Relations in the Papermaking and Boardmaking Industry: Gold Medal Lecture 1971 - Michael Lambert

This article is a transcript of a speech made upon the retirement of the author, who had been the director of the Paper Federation. It outlines his lifelong involvement with the subject of labour relations. Aside from personal reminiscences of strikes and negotiations, it gives a potted history of the subject stretching from the late 17th century to the late 1960s.

6 pages

Enemies of Books

A short, sometimes humorous, article about some of the various insects that feast upon paper.

1.5 pages,1 illustration

Book Reviews:

The Pulp: The Rise and Fall of an Industry - Allan Jamieson
The definitive book on the modern Australian Paper Industry in general, and on Burnie Pulp and Paper Mill in particular.

Railways - The John Dickinson Connection - Michael Stanyon
A small booklet from the Apsley Paper Trail (APT) outlining the way the railway was embraced by the John Dickinson company.

Paper - Bihiyyih Nakhjavani
An unconventional work of fiction, taking the subject of paper as its core.

The Poetry of Paper: An Anthology of Papermaking Verse - ed. Michael Stanyon
Another APT booklet, combining some regular poems about papermaking and the paper trade with those penned specifically by members of the Dickinson workforce that have hitherto not been published.