The Quarterly No. 79 - July 2011

The Three Paper Mills of Market Drayton (1684 - 1851) - Mike Malley

Market Drayton is a small town that in the 17th - 19th centuries had a number of small paper mills. With the advent of mechanisation, this industry died. Mike Malley gives a typically well researched account of the birth and ultimate death of the industry in this small village on the Shropshire-Staffordshire border. Included in the illustrations is a very rare example of a late 18th century plan drawing of a mill building from a series of legal documents.

10 pages, 8 illustrations/tables

Railways in Papermaking Part 2: John Dickinsons - Mike Stanyon

This series continues apace with a description of railways in the various John Dickinson establishments, which included the only paper mill (Apsley) to have its own mainline station. Photographs of old steam engines complete this endearing look at industrial archaeology.

4 pages, 5 illustrations

A Run with Many Packs - Charles Dickens

This article is by the son, not the master, and describes the history, production and use of playing cards. CD jnr inherited his father's inimitable style and ability to make the mundane fascinating, and some wonderful descriptive language abounds in this unique look at gaming cards.

4 pages

History of Paper Test Instrumentation Part 19: First Addendum to Parts 1-5 - Daven Chamberlain

The first five articles in this series date from 2005-2007; since their production the author has unearthed a number of new (and old) items of test equipment that were missed first time around. Taking a break from the series (which still has a fair way to go until completion), this detour highlights the new finds, many of which are illustrated, as usual.

4 pages, 4 illustrations

A Paper Carpet - Sidney Berger

Throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries, paper was used in a number of applications which today seem strange. This very short article describes a paper carpet, advertised in a US newspaper of 1829.

1 page

Making Antiquarian Paper in 1888: Part 2 - Stephen R Hill

The first part of this article appeared in Quarterly 77. This second piece outlines the history of this most monumental grade of paper, until its ultimate demise in 1960. A wonderful illustration, reproduced here, shows the crew needed to manufacture paper sheets of this size by hand. Especially interesting are some of the asides which relate previously unpublished items of family history of notable staff people employed at Springfield mill.

5 pages

Paper and Crime - Vincent S Smith

A short item on forgery through the ages - from banknotes to valuable books - which is both entertaining and informative.

1 page

Irish Watermarks Identified in the Chief Secretary's Office Registered Papers 1818-1853 - Eileen Walsh

This article is the result of a cataloguing exercise that commenced in 2008, concerning the papers described in the title. As part of the work the watermarks in the documents were examined and recorded. Among the various papers was a group of Irish manufacture. This very well illustrated article described both the papers and the mills from where they were produced.

6 pages, 14 illustrations

British Bibliography of Paper History and Watermark Studies No.18, 2010 - Peter Bower

Listing of articles concerned with papermaking history and paper conservation published in 2010.

4 pages

The Quarterly Index No73 to 76 - Terry Wells

The index is arranged in eight categories: Articles by author; Articles by title; Book reviews; General index; Illustrations; Papermakers; Paper mills; Watermarks. The Watermarks index is further divided into those that are illustrated and those that are mentioned in the text.

10 pages