The Quarterly No. 76 - October 2010

A Study of British Library Manuscript ADD.15712: A German Passion of 1459 - Pam Allen

This article is based upon a research thesis submitted by the author for the degree of MA in the History of the Book. The subject is an obscure German Passion of 1459. The author places the subject in context, then describes work performed to elucidate the structure of the book and its illustrations; from this bibliographic investigation it is concluded the book is a rare survival of a Passion in a near original state.

11 pages, 9 illustrations

Oxfordshire Paper Mills Part 3: Sandford on Thames - Frances Wakeman

The paper mill at Sandford upon Thames was one of the larger ones in Oxfordshire. It was converted to paper manufacturing in around 1823, and only ceased work in the late 1980s. This article traces its history, and includes an image never before published of one of the early managers, Alfred Cannon.

3 pages, 4 illustrations

List of English Paper Makers, 1837 - Richard L Hills

In The Quarterly No.66 we published a transcription of the 1816 Excise list made by Richard L. Hills, which cased a lot of interest, and some little controversy. This latest transcription is of the English makers from a list made in 1837 (the Scottish makers having been published in The Quarterly No.65).

6 pages

A Brief History of Wiggins Teape UK Manufactories: Part 2 - The Age of Acquisition (1919-1939) - Daven Chamberlain

The first in a four part series describing the paper mills, and occasionally other manufacturing sites, associated with this major UK firm. Dates, products and equipment are all touched upon in this story, the first part of which covers the transition from merchant to manufacturer.

5 pages, 10 illustrations

Two Chapters on Bank Note Forgeries: Chapter 1 - Charles Dickens

Following on from the banknote article in The Quarterly No.75, here we start with the first of a two-part piece by the great man, tracing the history of banknote forgery in England. In his own inimitable prose he describes a series of cause célèbre events, most of which ended with the hangman's noose.

4 pages

Paper Uniforms - Anon

This contemporary article describes a period during WWI when textile fibre was in short supply, so paper yarn was used as an extender in the production of many grades of clothing, including military uniforms.

1 page

History of Paper Test Instrumentation Part 16: Appearance Quality Testers - Daven Chamberlain

For many grades of paper, appearance is one of the major selling points. However, there are many aspects to the term 'appearance', which are experienced differently by whomsoever looks at the paper. For this reason technicians have long sought to produce instruments that can assess appearance characteristics 'objectively'. This article describes some of these weird and wonderful apparatus.

6 pages, 4 illustrations

Visions in the Making: The Watercolours for Robert Blair's Poem The Grave and Other Works on Paper by William Blake (1757-1827) - Peter Bower

In 2001 nineteen watercolours by William Blake were discovered in a Glasgow bookshop, having disappeared from public view in 1836. This article describes the forensic work performed on the primary supports, mounts, and watercolours themselves, to verify their origin.

12 pages, 25 illustrations