The Quarterly No. 74 - April 2010

Magical Illusion - Two Collections of Watercolours by Jacques le Moyne de Morgues (c1533-1588) - Peter Bower

A well illustrated article that takes the reader through a forensic investigation of papers used by the French watercolorist. Although were found in a nineteenth century binding, they proved to be original sixteenth century works of art. Identification of the papers proved crucial in confirming the origin of the works.

15 pages, 20 illustrations

Book Reviews:

The Painted Picture, by Richard Benson.
A book describing the myriad ways in which multiple copies of an original image can be produced, starting with techniques used by cavemen and ending with digital technology.

Photographs of the Past: Process and Preservation, by Bertrand Lavédrine.
A book describing photographs on paper or glass, and their conservation and preservation.

Printed on Paper: the Techniques, History and Conservation of Printed Media, Ed. By Jane Colbourne and Reba Fishman Snyder.
This set of proceedings from a conference held in Gateshead and Newcastle in 2007 is self explanatory; it focuses upon the science, technology, and ultimately conservation and preservation, of printed works on paper.

East Lancashire Paper Mill Co. Ltd. Part 3 - PW Hampson

The third and final part of the series examining the early years of this limited company. In particular this part details the proportion of women holding shares in the company, and the effect of a bonus share issue on the company's performance.

6 pages, 4 illustrations

Interior Views of Turkey Mill, Maidstone - Ronald White

A beautiful series of photographs of the interior of Turkey Mill taken in 1963, showing both the manufacturing process and mill architecture.

4 pages, 7 illustrations

History of Paper Test Instrumentation Part 15: Surface Strength and Surface Debris Instruments - Daven Chamberlain

This is the last article in the series to describe specialist strength test apparatus. Assessment of surface strength and debris deposition is important mainly in printing and other converting processes. The article shows the variety of ways in which papers can be tested to assess the integrity of the surface, including some that were borrowed from related industries, such as textiles.

7 pages, 4 illustrations

Bagasse as a Source of Papermaking Fibre - Barry Watson

Bagasse is one of the world's most important non-wood crops that finds use in paper manufacture. The author gives an overview of the subject, starting with its history, leading on to details of its processing into pulp, and ending with its papermaking qualities.

4 pages, 5 illustrations

History of the Messmer Instrument Company - Fred Johnson

The Messmer Instrument Company started in the early 1920s as a British agency for foreign instrument manufacturers. Slowly it progressed on to design and manufacture its own instruments, in addition to maintaining its agency activities. Eventually, after a series of mergers, it was purchased by an American company, who finally closed the UK operation in 2009.

3 pages, 1 illustration

Pictures of French Stampers - Nigel Vellam

The author produced an excellent illustrated description of stampers in The Quarterly No.63. This series of illustrations was shown during his presentation at the 2006 Annual Conference, but not included along with the original article due to space constraints. The images shows details of a number of stampers and associated machinery in various French mills.

2 pages, 11 illustrations

The Paper Trade in Fiction - Anon

The Paper Trade is not a subject that lends itself greatly to fiction. Nevertheless, in a series of articles over the years, a few stories have been described where the industry plays a central role. This short article describes three further stories, dating from the late nineteenth or early twentieth centuries, which have not previously been covered in The Quarterly.

1 page

Some Ancient Asiatic Papers - R. Bouvier and L. Vidal

An article describing the scientific examination of some tenth century papers of Asiatic origin, made at the turn of the last century by two notable French academics.

3 pages