The Quarterly No. 67 - July 2008

The Cheshire Roodee Iron Foundry and Paper Mill: A Unique Concern - Mike Malley

History of this unusual combination of businesses on the river Dee from establishment in 1789 to its sale in 1836. Includes an inventory of equipment at the time of the sale.

6 pages, illustrated

British Paper Mills: Byfleet Mill in Surrey - Alan Crocker

Short history of this mill where papermaking had been established by 1673. Papermaking finished in the early eighteenth century but the mill worked with other uses up until the twentieth century.

2 pages, illustrated

Cirencester Conference 2005

Traditional Naxi Papermaking in Baidi, Zhongdian County - Daven Chamberlain

At the Annual Conference in 2005 Professor Roderick Cave showed a video on Naxi papermaking. This article is a prose record of what was contained in the video. It compliments the various other records of Chinese papermaking descriptions published recently in The Quarterly (see No.46, May 2003, No.52, October 2004 & No.56, October 2005)  and continues the association's commitment to record and describe papermaking methods and techniques from around the world.

3 pages

Paper for Boydell's Shakespeare - John Krill

Short account of the development of paper for copper-plate printing in the eighteenth century and the choice of paper made by John Boydell for the illustrated Dramatic Works of Shakespeare published in 1791.

4 pages, illustrated

Paper-making in India - George Cecil

Reprint of an article from The Paper-Maker and British Trade Journal, 1901, which paints a very different slant on the early twentieth century Indian paper industry to that usually portrayed. However, it is important to read the comments and opinions in the context of a colonial traveller of the period.

3 pages, illustrated

What Our Mills Are doing. The Present Condition of Trade. Progress All Along the Line.

Sentences on the fortunes, good or bad, of paper mills in the late nineteenth century giving a snapshot of the state of the industry. First published in The Paper Trade Review, 1888. Many of the mills mentioned have yet to be documented properly, the editors would welcome any article on mill histories for publication.

2 pages

Index to The Quarterly Nos 61 - 64 - Terry Wells

The index is arranged in nine categories: Articles by author; Articles by title; Book reviews; General index; Illustrations; Papermakers; Paper mills; Tipped-in paper samples; Watermarks. The Watermarks index is further divided into those that are illustrated and those that are mentioned in the text.

11 pages

Écorché: The Papers Used for a Collection of Drawings by Charles, Edwin and Thomas Landseer and their Circle. - Peter Bower

Detailed examination of papers used by the Landseer brothers for écorché drawings, that is, showing the human or animal figure without skin. The drawings are on thirty six loose and part sheets as well as pages from a partially dismembered sketchbook.

12 pages, illustrated

British Bibliography of Paper History and Watermark Studies No 15, 2007 - Peter Bower

Listing of articles concerned with papermaking published in 2007.

4 pages

Curiosities of Sulphur Paper - James Scott

Another article from a series by James Scott printed in The Paper-Maker and British Paper Trade Journal. This one from 1913 describes a functional paper used as a fumigant, and some of the interesting science behind its active constituent: sulphur.

1 page

A Raincoat of Water-Proof Paper - Walter A Olsen

Letter to the Editor of The Paper-Maker and British Paper Trade Journal, 1898, complaining of the soliciting of subscriptions by print trade employees to defray expenses on the annual day outing.

1 page