The Quarterly No. 66 - April 2008

Papermaking - The Route to Antiquity: The Evans Family and the Dickinson Fortunes - Michael Stanyon

At the present time when all manufacturing industry is in decline it is hard for us to realise that there was once a great deal of money to be made from papermaking and stationery conversion. This is the story of one family, that of John Evans, nephew and son-in-law to John Dickinson and father of an extraordinary family.

5 pages, illustrated

The French Paper Industry in the 16th, 17th and 18th Centuries - H Alibaux

Short history of French papermaking prepared from an abridged translation from Le Papier, subsequently published in The Paper Trade Journal and The Paper-Maker and British Paper Trade Journal, 1927.

3 pages

The Story of Cross & Bevan: Part 2 - The Partnership - Trevor Dean

Continuation of the history of the partnership responsible for the discovery of Viscose. The author attempts to put the invention into perspective with other artificial fibres as well as identify some other achievements of Cross & Bevan which have been overshadowed by viscose. Part one is in The Quarterly, No 62.

9 pages, illustrated

Excise Office List, London, 8 October 1816 - transcribed by Richard Hills

Transcription from a photocopy of a 1816 hand-written original list of papermills and papermakers.

6 pages

Prepared Tints for Pencilling: A Report on 19th Century Prepared Tinted Drawing Papers - John O'Neill

Examination of an unusual type of coated paper, most likely British. It is a purpose-made drawing paper manufactured with a white coating on the recto side only, onto which has been printed a thin coloured layer, forming the background for the drawing.

7 pages, colour illustrations

History of Paper Test Instrumentation Part 8: Dimensional Stability Testers - Daven Chamberlain

The continuation of this comprehensive series. This part examining the dimensional instability of paper and the instruments developed to test the two main effects: lateral changes in dimension and deviation from planarity.

6 pages, illustrated

Watermarks on Northern Letters

This article, which was serialised in The Paper-Maker and British Paper Trade Journal, 1897, lists watermarks found in a large series of letters received in Scotland, principally during the 18th century.

5 pages

The Eilers Pulp Grinder

Short review of this machine taken from The World's Paper Trade Review, 1888.

1 page, illustrated

The Mystery of Dulverton Paper Mill - Brian Luker

Short article examining the available evidence to attempt to resolve two possible locations of this mill.

3 pages, illustrated

Waterproof Paper Shirts

A short informative article detailing an unusual use for paper, first published in The Paper-Maker and British Paper Trade Journal, 1915.

1 page

The Annual Outing, or Wayzgoose Blackmail

Letter to the Editor of The Paper-Maker and British Paper Trade Journal, 1898, complaining of the soliciting of subscriptions by print trade employees to defray expenses on the annual day outing.

1 page

Fireproof Paper: The Advantages of Asbestos - James Scott

Paper made from non-cellulosic fibres is unusual, but not uncommon. This article, published in The Paper-Maker and British Paper Trade Journal, 1912, describes such a material made from asbestos, to be used for activities requiring fireproof properties.

2 pages, illustrated

Description of the Process to be Observed in Making Large Sheets of Paper, in the Chinese Manner, with One Smooth Surface - Mr B Franklin

A short communication sent by Benjamin Franklin, the great American scientist and statesman, to the American Philosophical Society, and was published in The Repertory of Arts and Manufactures, 1794. Later republished in the Research Bulletin, 1935.

1 page