The Quarterly No. 64 - October 2007

British Paper Mills: Edward Sweetapple's Mills in Cumbria - Alan Crocker

The article starts with a summary of Edward Sweetapple's career. An outline of each of his Cumbrian mills, Allanwood, Branthwaite and Derwent, is then given, including substantial details derived from the mortgage and company documents. Finally, the significance of these findings is discussed.

10 pages, illustrated, appendices

An Appendix on Branthwaite Paper Mill, Cumbria - Alan Crocker

Further details on this mill gleaned from a site visit by the author after the above article had been submitted.

1 page, illustrated

History of Paper Test Instrumentation Part 6: Opacity and Transparency Testers - Daven Chamberlain

The continuation of this comprehensive series, this time detailing testers designed to test opacity and transparency. Opacity determines how well a sheet of paper hides what is placed beneath it, transparency the opposite, how clearly an object placed beneath the paper is visible.

7 pages, illustrated

Paper Pictures

A short piece from The Paper-Maker and British Paper Trade Journal, 1921, which suggests that for a brief period paper could have had a future as the film medium in the movie industry.

1 page

Poems from Songs of the Press

Songs of the Press is a title used for two compilations of mainly anonymous poems, songs, rhymes and witticisms on printing and related industries. Reproduced in the article are the poems dedicated to paper and papermaking.

2 pages

Five Drawings of NL Robert's Paper Machine 1799-1801 - Richard Hills

Reproductions of the five coloured drawings brought to England from Paris by John Gamble in 1801 so that Nicholas Robert's paper machine could be improved in this country where Didot, Robert's backer, though prospects were better.

4 pages, colour illustrations

Turkey Mill - Reminiscences & Resources - MJ Fuller

Another in the series of occasional articles covering various aspects of the history and operation of Turkey Mill, Maidstone, Kent. An article in two parts, the information in the first part from, in the form of reminiscences, Mr Douglas Baker, General Manager at the mill 1958-1976. The second part has data extracted from one of the mill's ledgers and deals with the situation at the mill mainly in 1879-80.

6 pages, tables

Hampton Gay Mill - Frances Wakeman

A short history of this Oxfordshire mill from the first recorded use in 1681till its closure in the late nineteenth century. Appendix of papermakers names extracted from parish and census records.

4 pages, illustrated, appendix

Sunday Labour in Paper Mills

Short piece taken from The World's Paper Trade Review, 1910 on the 'evils' of papermaking on the Sabbath..

1 page

Jacob Christian Schäffer: A Significant Contributor to Papermaking - or was he? - Sandy Thomson

A critical examination of Schäffer's methods of papermaking, including his relationship with the papermaker, Herr Meckenhauser. The evidence is presented, it is up to the reader to draw their own conclusion.

4 pages

The Leader Automatic Box Machine

Short item taken from The Paper-Maker and British Paper Trade Journal, 1895, on the Leader Box Machine invented by FH Allen of Boston.

1 page

On the Manufacture of Paper from Wood

In the Mechanics' Magazine, Museum, Register, Journal, and Gazette, of 5 January 1839, was an article on the invention of paper made from wood by the French papermaker, Montgolfier: the English patent was taken out by Mr Desgrand. In the issue of 19 January 1839 was a letter, reproduced in the article, from William Badderley, refuting many of the claims in the aforesaid patent. The letter also predicts the failure of all-ligneous fibre as a resource for the paper industry; this illustrates the danger of publishing prophesies.

2 pages

John Evelyn's Visit to a Paper Mill - Barry Watson

Extract from Evelyn's diary of a visit to a paper mill at Byfleet (Surrey) giving an early and accurate description of paper production in England in the late seventeenth century. The mill was known as The King's Mills. No reference to papermaking at the mill is recorded after 1711.

1 page

The Paper Chewing Insect - James Scott

An article from The Paper-Maker and British Paper Trade Journal, 1912, describing an insect of some importance to both papermakers and users, particularly to archivists and librarians. It is also of interest as it shows a relatively early use of microscopy in paper-related areas other than raw material analysis.

3 pages, illustrated

A World without Paper: A New Years Eve Nightmare - AD Reamer

A festive piece of fiction from The Paper-Maker and British Paper Trade Journal, Annual Edition, 1928. It was New Years Eve about 11:30 ...

3 pages