The Quarterly No. 56 - October 2005

Paper Mills at Dulcote, Wells, Somerset - Brian Luker

A short article attempting to clear the confusion surrounding the identity of the two paper mills at Dulcote. Research has now made it possible to allocate many of the previously identified owners, leaseholders and papermakers to the two mills and extend the history back to the seventeenth century.

5 pages, illustrated

Durham Conference 2000

Maids of Tartarus: Female Labour in the New Zealand Paper Industry - Sydney Shep 

An examination of the New Zealand paper industry in the nineteenth and early twentieth century. The article highlights disparities in the employment of males and females and gives details of working and social conditions. The title is reference to "The Tartarus of Maids" by Herman Melville, an account of the exploitation of female labour written following a visit to a paper mill in Massachusetts.

6 pages

Bowaters in the Mid 20th Century - Norman Underwood

Reminiscences of the authors employment at Bowaters Central Research Laboratories from just after it was set up in 1948 till leaving in 1963. Included in his memoirs are the 'Irish Peat Paper' incident and the rigours of climbing the social ladder in the paper industry.

3 pages

Erratum - British Watermarks: The Papers of Wells Cathedral MS1 - Brian Luker

The original article (The Quarterly No 49, Jan 2004) contained a textual error. The picture of watermark 7 is designated as "Crowned Pius", which purports to be a translation of Epingles Croissées. In the text it is translated correctly as "crossed pins".

This error has unfortunately crept in to the index. Since this watermark has not been recorded elsewhere it is important to make the correction here.

1 page

History of Paper Test Instrumentation Part Two: Sizing Testers - Daven Chamberlain

Continuing this comprehensive and in-depth study of paper testing instruments, this part covering size testers. Details are given of the main quantitative tests and instruments used to describe sizing properties, listed according to the basic physical properties under examination.   

13 pages, illustrated

A Visit to China in May 2004 - Richard Hills

Account of a visit by the author and Sydney and Elaine Koretsky to China in May 2004. During their stay they saw paper being made by hand at eight different places, ranging from Hangzhou in the south to Dege in what used to be Tibet. The papermaking varied from primitive small sheets to high quality, very large sheet sizes for calligraphy, the techniques used suggesting possible answers to puzzles in the history of papermaking.

4 pages, illustrated

Poems on Paper - Michael Fuller

Continuing the theme from the last issue of poems connected with papermaking the author has submitted poems discovered during research on Turkey Mill, Maidstone, Kent.

3 pages

'The Bolton Brotherhood' - A Late Eighteenth Century Story of Cooperation at a Group of South Lancashire Paper Mills - Mike Malley

In 1792, Thomas Greaves, manager of Millbank paper mill near Warrington signed an agreement with nine others to fix the price of over forty paper types. The author looks for evidence that they were all papermakers and had close connections to the Bolton area and also in detail at the paper types on the list. He also examines another contemporary document signed by some of the ten and assesses both documents in the context of some tumultuous events taking place in the paper industry.

6 pages, tables, appendices

In Memoriam - Christine Mackay

The world of paper is inhabited by many remarkable people, one of whom, the paper conservator Christine Mackay, a member of BAPH, sadly died in July of this year shortly after her retirement as Senior Paper Conservator at the National Museum and Gallery of Wales, Cardiff. She trained at Camberwell School of Arts and joined the National Museum and Gallery of Wales from the British Museum in 1990. Over the years she contributed much to the Institute of Paper Conservation and at the time of her death was a member of IPC's Executive Committee.

1 page

Book Review

Art on Paper: Mounting and Housing. Ed Judith Rayner, Joanna M Kosek and Birthe Christensen.

Watermark Catalogues & Related Texts: A Personal Recommendation - Peter Bower

A short selected list of watermark catalogues and various related texts published in response to enquiries regarding the availability of published information on watermarks.

3 pages

The World of Paper - Paper and its Uses

A collection of four short articles exploring some of the more unusual uses of paper including window glass; laboratory utensils; barrels and as wartime propaganda.

4 pages