The Quarterly No. 55 - July 2005

York Conference 2004

My Early Life in the Paper Trade - Barry Watson

An article of reminiscences, together with a little papermaking history, of the authors first contacts with paper, and how he became involved with the paper industry. During this early part of his career he worked at Croxley Mill under the supervision of Dr Julius Grant.

4 pages

Notes on Yorkshire Papermaking - Richard Hills 

An account of the development of the papermaking industry in Yorkshire from its beginnings in the seventeenth century to mills still working in the twentieth century. Includes details of Henry Cooke's mills and notes on the five mills identified by Shorter as being established before 1800 and still working in 1957 - Langcliffe, Otley, Pool, Stainland and Stepney.

7 pages, illustrated

The Illusive Silver Lining (part 2): The Role of the Lancastrian Industrialist in the Lancashire Paper Mill mania of the 1870s - Mike Malley

Part 1 of the Illusive Silver Lining examined the claim by the influential Lancashire paper maker John Mitchell, that it was explosion in the numbers of limited company paper mills that caused a depression in the paper manufacturing industry in the late 1870s. He was correct in much of what he said but he completely ignored the true cause. He made claims of the role of working class investment losses in the new companies and this article seeks to demonstrate the inaccuracy of this.

Part 1 was published in four parts in The Quarterly No 41 January 2002; No 42 May 2002; No 43 July 2002 & No 44 November 2002.

7 pages, illustrated, tables

British Bibliography of Paper History and Watermark Studies No 12, 2004 - Andrew Honey

Listing of articles concerned with papermaking published in 2004, with addenda to Bibliography No 11, 2003.

2 pages

In Memoriam: Be van Ginneken-van de Kasteele

Be van Ginneken-van de Kasteele died on 9 February 2005 aged 91. She was one of the last of a remarkable group of paper historians in the Netherlands, including Henk Voorn, Edo Loeber and LJ Labarre. She was responsible for editorial work on many of the Paper Publications Society's books and also became Keeper of the Labarre Collection at Amsterdam University Library.

2 pages

The Print Room in England and Ireland 1750-1830 - Julie Fitzgerald

The Print Room consisted of pasting prints, engravings, etchings, mezzotints, aquatints and lithographs onto a coloured paper background in a symmetrical arrangement. It was a novel and popular from of decoration during the reigns of George II, George III and George IV. The author details the development of the room, including the influence of wallpaper, and the problems of maintaining the few surviving examples.

9 pages, colour photographs

A Papermaker's Plaint - A Poem - Daven Chamberlain

Reproduction of a poem, published just before World War 1, that still rings true today for many paper technicians. How often are we brought a sample of paper little bigger than a postage stamp and asked to replicate it? So it is interesting, and comforting, to see that this is a situation which has been happening for a great many years!

2 pages

Reminiscences on the Development of Casting Papers at Stoneywood - Gordon Williams

Film casting papers are a special form of release (non-stick) paper, generally with a patterned (embossed) surface, onto which a 'solution' of plastic is coated. After being heated, the plastic forms a skin that can be peeled off, taking the pattern of the paper surface, and it used to make 'artificial leather'. The editors would welcome any further such reminiscences, particularly on similar unusual or niche papers.

2 pages

Index to The Quarterly Nos 49 - 52 - Terry Wells

The index is arranged in nine categories: Articles by author; Articles by title; Book reviews; General index; Illustrations; Papermakers; Paper mills; Tipped-in paper samples; Watermarks. The Watermarks index is further divided into those that are illustrated and those that are mentioned in the text.

17 pages