The Quarterly No. 52 - October 2004

Notes on the Early History of Wiggins Teape - Ashley Teape

A series of notes, produced in 1986 by the great-great-great grandson of the original Teape in the Wiggins Teape partnership, provides much useful information on the early history of the firm, particularly with regard to its origin. Painstaking research undertaken in a number of libraries and archives has completely altered the authorised history that has been presented as fact for over a century.

7 pages, illustrated, appendices

Bath Conference 1999

The History of Bathford Mill - Michael Tabb

There is a mill recorded at Bathford in the Domesday Book, but it is not until around 1809 that papermaking appears here. The history of the mill is traced through various owners and changes up until the date of the article. The mill adopted the name of Trevarno Mill in the eighteenth century and was retained well into the twentieth century.

7 pages, illustrated

Papermaking in Fiction - Peter Bower

Short article giving examples of novels set in papermaking backgrounds, mostly of the early twentieth century. A more detailed appraisal is given of one of the more recent examples - June Wyndham Davies' 'To the Ends of the Earth', published in 1996.

1 page, illustrated

The Turner Family and Chafford Mill No 389 - Sarah Tanner

Researching the firm of RT Tanner & Co, wholesale stationers and paper merchants, turned up a family connection to the Turners of Chafford Mill, Kent. This led the author to research the Turner family and their business at Chafford from the earliest known date of 1796 till financial problems forced them out of business in 1905.

3 pages, illustrated

The Development of Modern Photographic Papers - Colin Harris

From how the paper industry responded in the early days to the particular paper needs of photography, via the technical advancements of coated papers in the twentieth century, to responses to needs for papers for digital imaging.

4 pages, illustrated

Papermaking in the Manchester Region - Richard Hills

The area around Manchester developed into one of the most important papermaking regions of the country, second only to that of London. The region covered in this brief sketch is based roughly on a radius of fifteen miles around the centre of Manchester. It is bounded on the north and east by the Pennine hills but does not venture into the Ribble valley. The mills of the Dee estuary and North Wales are not covered either.

7 pages, illustrated

Davies' Notes on Chinese Arts and Inventions - transcribed by Sandy Thompson

A short transcription taken from a late Georgian manuscript, republished in the Victorian era, about the Chinese, by the then Governor of Hong Kong. The extract is limited to only those parts dealing with printing, papermaking and ink manufacture.

3 pages

A Survey of the Time between the Making of Writing Paper and its Use - Peter Bower

An extract from ongoing research entitled 'A Century of Paper', performed in the Archives of The Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce. Concentrating on correspondence for the most part dated and geographically located, the archive provides an almost unparalleled basis for identifying changes in papermaking practice and design, and in paper usage, over the period 1754-1851. Notes are given on 137 papers examined, with appendices giving papermakers, paper mills, watermarks and time between making and use of the papers.

17 pages, appendices