The Quarterly No. 49 - January 2004

1853 Negotiation Between the Master Paper Makers and the Original Society of Papermakers - Jean Stirk

One hundred and fifty years ago on 8th March, 1853 representatives of the paper makers' trade union - the Original Society of Papermakers (the OSP, also known as the Legal Paper Makers) - met representatives of the Master Paper Makers of Kent (MPM) at the Bell Hotel in Maidstone. On 8th March, 2003 an edited version of the report of those negotiations, that was partly verbatim, partly in the third person, was re-enacted at a BAPH day conference in London. This version has been kept true to he matter and manner of speaking.

14 pages, illustrated

British Watermarks: The Papers of Wells Cathedral MS1 - Brian Luker

Results of the watermark examination of this fourteenth century book containing papal rulings on church governance, with table of results and transmitted light illustrations of the watermarks. See also The Quarterly No 36, October 2000 for related article.

5 pages, table, illustrated

A Papermaker's Sample Box

Recently up for auction was a wooden box containing six glass jars with samples of rag, rag half stuff, wood half stuff, wood pulp, mixed pulp and esparto half stuff. Also in the box were four full sheet paper samples and a 1896 copy of 'The Firm of John Dickinson'.

1 page, illustrated

Matthias Koops' Petition: The Act - Alan Crocker

Further information concerning Matthias Koops' petition concerning patents he had been granted for methods of making paper from straw, wood and other materials. The Report on his petition was reprinted and discussed in The Quarterly No 43, July 2003.

2 pages

The Last Conqueror at Buckland Mill, Dover - Peter Bower

Probably Buckland Mills greatest claim to fame is having produced Conqueror paper for 112 years. First produced at the mill in 1888, production came to an end in the summer of 2000 with the closure of the mill. Production of Conqueror paper was transferred to Stoneywood Mill in Scotland.

5 pages, illustrated, tipped in paper samples

Belgium Conference 2002

The Smith and Meynier Paper Mill in Croatia - Russell Jones

History of this mill from its establishment in 1821 up to the 150th anniversary in 1971. During the nineteenth century the mill produced a variety of papers, but during the twentieth century production was concentrated into tissue and cigarette papers. descriptions of the papers and watermarks are contained in four appendices. The mill was laid down in around 2000.

6 pages, illustrated, appendices

Manchester Conference 1998

An Indian Christmas Card - Phil Crockett

Discovered by chance, this unused Christmas card contains not only a description of how the paper was made but also an illustration of 'A Typical Village Paper Mill'. The paper the card is made from is described and comments by Richard Hills on the papermaking process described on the card.

2 pages, illustrated

Thomas Gainsborough's Papers - Peter Bower

Discussion and examination of the papers used by Thomas Gainsborough, who had an understanding of how particular paper surfaces work with different media. His working life coincided with the consolidation of the 'fine' paper industry in Britain. A period when some paper makers, newly confident in their understanding of the processes involved, concentrated their efforts on producing the finest papers they could, utilising all they and their predecessors had learnt over years of experiment.

11 pages, illustrated

Book Review

Gelatine Sizing of paper and its impact on the degradation of cellulose during Aging: A Study using size-exclusion chromatography. Anne-Laurence Dupont

Recommended Reading

The Paper Conservator Vol 27, The Journal of the Institute of Paper Conservation. Edited by Jane Eagan.

Shelleyan Writing Materials in the Bodleian Library: A Catalogue of Formats, Papers and Watermarks. BC Barker-Benfield.

Arab Paper. Joseph von Karabacek.

Paper Before Print: The History and Impact of Paper in the Islamic World. Jonathan M Bloom.

Barkcloth: Aspects of Preparation, Use, Deterioration, Conservation and Display. Edited by Margot M Wright.

Effects of Light on Materials in Collections. Terry T Schaeffer.

Colour Science in the Examination of Museum Objects: Non Destructive Procedures. Ruth Johnson-Feller.