The Quarterly No. 48 - December 2003

Paper-mills and Paper-makers in Wales 1700-1900: part two - Alun Eirug Davies

A survey of the evidence for paper-mills and paper-makers in Wales reprinted from the National Library of Wales Journal, Vol. XV, Summer 1967. This second part covers Glamorgan and Pembrokeshire and has, as an appendix, the interviews from Turkey Mill, Wrexham, taken for the Children's Employment Commission - House of Commons Papers 1843.

7 pages, appendix

William McMurray or Don Guillermo: Wireworker, Papermaker, Espartero, part two: Esparto in Spain and McMurray's Legacy- Alan Crocker and Javier Castillo Fernández

An account of the business activities of William McMurray (1806-87). He was a wireworker in Scotland, his company becoming successful in supplying paper mills all over the world with machine wires. He also became a papermaker, a stationer and a newspaper proprietor. In 1847 he moved to south-east England where he owned four paper mills. Much of the paper was made from esparto, grown in south-east Spain where he held licences to gather esparto, he processed the grass in Spain and exported it to Britain in his own ships.

9 pages, illustrated

More Heath Robinson

In The Quarterly No 44, November 2002, we published two of the three images produced by W Heath Robinson for the German papermaker Zerkall in the 1930s. This set of images was also used with English captions by the American Hurlbut Paper Company. Another English language set has been sent in with different captions, recently found in the Barcham Green Archives. The picture illustrated here is the third image of the sequence "Dried by Air". This is the fifth of Heath Robinson's papermaking illustrations we have published (see The Quarterly No 42, May 2002) but there are believed to be at least two and possibly more images still unaccounted for. If any reader knows of these please contact the Association, particularly if they know the whereabouts of nay of Heath Robinson's original drawings for these illustrations.

1 page, illustrated

Manchester Conference 1998

It's Only Wallpaper - Christine Woods

A romp through the history of the production and use of wallpaper from the fifteenth century to the present day, illustrated with examples from the collection held at the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester. Wallpapers are amongst the most ephemeral of products and do not survive as other domestic objects do. Therefore it is not surprising that there few collections of historic wallpaper. However, the Whitworth Art Gallery in Manchester has the largest collection of wallpapers outside London, ranking second in size and scope to the national collection in the Victoria and Albert Museum.

10 pages, illustrated

Manchester Conference 1998

The Contradictory Case of 'Machine Hand Made Paper' - Jean Stirk

A discussion of the growing concern in the early 1900s about the threat to the hand made paper trade of imitations which led the relevant trade union to petition the Board of Trade. The union was particularly agitated about the use of the term 'Machine Hand-Made' by certain paper manufacturers and stationers in their advertisements. As an end note it is noted that despite the competition the best quality hand-made paper continued to be made in England until 1987.

3 pages

Paper-Making in Swansea - Bernice Cardy

Account of the 100 years or so of production of paper in the Swansea area of south Wales from the early eighteenth century to the first part of the nineteenth century. Production was concentrated into three mills, Kidwelly, Melin Mynach and Cadle, all of which had probably closed by the 1830s.

3 pages

British Paper Mills: White Hall Mills, Chapel-en-le-Frith, Derbyshire - Richard Hills

Supplementary notes to those in the article 'Some Notes on Derbyshire Mills' published in The Quarterly No 9, January 1994.

1 page

Some Notes on Abbey Mill, Greenfield - Richard Hills

Summary history of this north Wales mill from the late seventeenth century to the late twentieth century. The mill was purchased in 1854 by Grosvesnor Chater and run by them until the 1980s. In the article is a list of the watermarks and trade names used in the 1930s.

7 pages, illustrated

Sale Notices

Local Newspapers can be a very useful source of information on individual paper mills. The Sale Notice advertising the auction of the equipment at Welham Mill illustrated in the journal comes from the Sheffield and Rotherham Independent of 13 December 1864. Readers are invited to send in examples of sale notices of papermills with inventories.

1 page

The Picturesque Paper Mill: Danger Within - Ian Dye

The author explores the hazards of the paper mill and papermaking showing the lot of the papermaker is not necessarily a happy one. Accidents with machinery were commonplace but buildings collapsing and drowning also take their toll. Innocent bystanders were not exempt, including one hapless chap run over by a wagon of paper.

2 pages

North Wales Paper Mills in the Early Nineteenth Century: Some Addenda - Philip Henry Jones

Supplementary information to Alan Eurig Davies' articles on Welsh papermaking in this journal and The Quarterly No 47, July 2003. Additional notes on Caernarvonshire, Flintshire and Denbighshire mills.

3 pages