The Quarterly No. 35 - July 2000

British Paper Mills: Shotley Grove Mills - Jean Stirk

History of this mill from its first recorded mention in 1771 to its closure in the early part of the twentieth century.  Initially owned by the Johnson family it was sold to the Annandales in 1812 who worked it till it closed.  Details given include the papers produced, machinery, working conditions and pay and the relationship between the mill and the surounding community.

7 pages, illustrated

St. Cuthbert's Paper Works General Rules and Regulations

Transcript of a document from the archives of St. Cuthbert's Mill, Somerset dating from c1900. Rulings cover health and safety, general dress and conduct, and leaving and dismissal.

1 page

British Bibliography of Paper History and Watermark Studies No 7 - Andrew Honey

A listing of publications and articles published in 1999 relating to paper studies, also addenda to Bibliography No 6, 1998 (see The Quarterly No 31, August 1998, pp15-17).

2 pages

Printed Ream Wrappers and Labels - Peter Bower

An article giving details of the older type of ream wrapper decoration where the text and image are applied directly to the wrapper rather than the more familiar printed ream labels applied separately, such as the pre 1861 Excise labels.  Some examples are illustrated and the author would be grateful for information on any other surviving British examples of woodblock printing either directly on the ream wrapper or onto separate labels with a view to assembling a library of images. Contact us.

4 pages, illustrated

Vegetable Parchment, part two - Philip Harris

The continuation and conclusion to this article about a fascinating substance, usually called 'vegetable parchment'.   Today the substance is hardly known, but it is still being manufactured and used for purposes which are both interesting and banal, and it may yet be very important in the future.  But the original wonder and rapture at vegetable parchment has long since evaporated.  Perhaps it will return.  The question arises: Was this one of the great inventions like the railway engine or the telephone, or indeed paper, or one of the disasters like the airship, or the Brabazon aeroplane, or one of the mediocre inventions like the hovercraft?

7 pages, illustrated

Book Reviews

Stowford Paper Mill and the Industrial Heritage of the Erme Valley. Colin Harris.
Days of Glory: The Story of Glory Mill, Wooburn Green, Buckinghamshire. Alan Mead.
The Lithographs of James McNeill Whistler. Edited by Harriet K Stratis and Martha Tedeschi.
Watermarks in Rembrandt's Prints. Nancy Ash and Shelley Fletcher.

The World's Friend - Paper - Peter Bower

A series of photographs from a variety of sources dating from c1900-c1930 illustrating the production of wood pulp from logging to finished bales.  Where possible the original caption has been used, the title of the article is one example.

4 pages, illustrated