The Quarterly No. 29 - January 1999

Papier Mache Manufacture - WC Aitken

A reprint of an article from The Birmingham & Midland Hardware District Journal of 1866, accompanied by illustrations from The Art Journal Illustrated Catalogue of the International Exhibition, published by James Virtue, London 1862.
The article covers the history of the development of the papier mache industry in Birmingham, England, technical improvements and its uses in the manufacture of household goods and furniture during the late eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

5 pages, illustrated

Splitting Banknotes

A short article, taken from The Papermaker and British Paper Trade Journal of October 1st 1935, detailing an incident at the office of the News of the World where the practise of splitting banknotes was demonstrated.

1 page

The Origins of Modern Paper - Richard Hills

A detailed account of the origins and development of papermaking by hand from AD105 to the eighteenth century.

4 pages, illustrated

A Moving Problem

The transportation of MG cylinders using traction engines in the 1890's.

1 page, illustrated

British Watermarks: A Paper Sample from the British Empire Exhibition of 1924 - Daven Chamberlain

A detailed analysis of a paper sample produced on the pilot machine at the Exhibition, found in the archives at Arjo Wiggins. This is a follow up article to Papermaking at the British Empire Exhibition 1924: Information from the Worlds Paper Trade Review in The Quarterly No 26 April 1998.

1 page, illustrated

British Paper Mills: Snodland Mill, Kent, part 2 - Michael Fuller

The continued story (in three parts) of the comprehensive history of this mill from its first mention in the Domesday book to present day activities.

7 pages, illustrated, maps

Book Reviews

Examination of the Ink & Paper of the Commonwealth of Australia Postage Stamp King George V 1d Red. G. S. Hosking.
Chinese Paper Offerings. Roderick Cave.
Berberine and Huangbo: Ancient Colourants and Dyes. Peter J. Gibbs and Kenneth R. Seddon.
The International Paper Trade. Tom Bolton.
The Book of Fine Paper: A Worldwide Guide to Contemporary Papers for Art, Design and Decoration. Silvie Turner.
IPC Conference Papers London 1997. Edited by Jane Eagan.
The Paper Conservator 22. Edited by Alan Donnithorne.

An Album of Sixty-Four Leaves of Coloured Paper of the 1820's - Peter Bower

A report of the examination of an album containing four different samples of coloured wove papers (dark brown, flecked blue-green, pale buff-brown and deep "salmon" red).

3 pages, illustrated