The Quarterly No. 28 - October 1998

Thomas Bewick: A Study of his Purchase and Use of Paper c1787 - 1826 - Shirley Thomas

This study of the papers used by Thomas Bewick, the Northumberland artist and engraver, stemmed from the conservation treatment of and research into the provenance of a large watercolour belonging to Newcastle City Library. Includes a brief life history, and a directory of the known tradesmen used by Bewick.

7 pages, illustrated

British Watermarks: Moulds and Watermarks from Alton Mill, Hampshire - Jane Hurst

Details of the moulds and watermarks used by the Spicer family at Alton Mill in the second half of the nineteenth century. History of the mill over the same period.

4 pages, illustrated

British Paper Mills: Snodland Mill, Kent, part 1 - M J Fuller

The first of three parts of the comprehensive history of this mill and its occupiers, from an entry in the Domesday Book up to the present day. The mill stands on the bank of the river Medway midway between Rochester and Maidstone. The article consists almost entirely of a chapter taken from an unpublished work written by the author in the ten years up to 1991.

8 pages, illustrated, maps

The Size of Newspapers - Harry Dagnall

An article covering the size of the sheets of paper used for printing newspapers in the 17th and 18th centuries. It also details the effects of the introduction of Newspaper Stamp Duty in 1712 and subsequent changes in rates.

2 pages, illustrated

Problems with Fakes and Facsimiles - Peter Bower

The problems of distinguishing between fakes, forgeries and facsimiles and the genuine article, with a detailed examination of a financial instrument signed by Sir Walter Scott, drawn on the Selkirk branch of the British Linen Bank on 27th October 1829.

2 pages, illustrated

A Miniature Papermaking Machine at Work

Short article detailing a model papermaking machine associated with Messrs TJ Marshall & Co., Campbell Works, Stoke Newington, London.

If any reader has any information about this or any other miniature paper machines or beaters, etc, would they please contact the Editor

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