The Quarterly No. 27 - July 1998

The Man in the Brown Paper Boat; John Taylor's Epic Voyage down the Thames in 1620 - Peter Bower

John Taylor was an extraordinary man who rowed a boat made from brown wrapping paper for forty miles along the Thames from the City of London to Queenborough on the Isle of Sheppey. The article then goes on to discuss some of the history of hemp as a papermaking fibre and concludes with some examples of hemp-based papers presently being made in Britain.

14 pages, illustrated, map, tipped-in paper samples

British Bibliography of Paper History and Watermark Studies No 5, 1997 - Norman Armes

A listing of publications and articles published in 1997 relating to paper studies, also addenda to Bibliography No 4, 1996 (see The Quarterly, No 23 July 1997).

3 pages

'Those Hideous Sanitaries': Tracing the Development of Washable Wallcoverings, part 2 - Christine Woods

The second part of this article (first part published in The Quarterly No 26, April 1998) which discusses the response of contemporary critics and commentators to the development of sanitary wallpapers and outlines the direction of research.

3 pages, illustrated

Book Review

The Taxation of Paper in Great Britain 1643-1861. A History and Documentation. H Dagnall.

Review by Richard Hills and Peter Bower.

Miscellany: Letterheads - anon

A short appraisal of the often highly decorated letterheads used by paper mills, paper merchants and engineering works connected with the paper trade.
If any readers know of, and could provide illustrations of, other 19th century letterheads, particularly those that illustrate the mills, please contact the editor.

2 pages, illustrated

British Watermarks: The Exhibition Sheets made by TH Saunders - Peter Bower

The development of light and shade watermarks, also called shadow or chiarascuro marks, by the papermaker TH Saunders at Darenth Mill, Kent in the late nineteenth century. With details of the manufacturing process.

2 pages, illustrated