The Quarterly No. 26 - April 1998

'Those Hideous Sanitaries': Tracing the Development of Washable Wallcoverings - Christine Woods

This article focuses on a type of wallpaper which has been neglected more than most, describes how they were produced, how they differed from other wallpaper decorations, and the response of contemporary critics and commentators. Examples used in the article are from the Whitworth Art Gallery, Manchester, who hold one of the U.K.'s most important collections of historic and modern wallpapers.

5 pages, illustrated

British Paper Mills: Catteshall Mill, Godalming, Surrey, part 2: machine made paper - Alan Crocker

The continued history of this mill (part 1 in The Quarterly, No 25 January 1998), dealing with the introduction of papermaking machinery, and covering the period from 1838 up to the cessation of papermaking in 1928. During this time it was occupied by Thomas Sweetapple, The Spicer Family, The Farncombe Paper Co Ltd and finally Albert E Reed & Co Ltd.

10 pages, illustrated, maps

Drawing Papers in the 18th and 19th Centuries: Papers from the Opp?ollection, part 2 - Peter Bower

A detailed analysis of the source and surface treatments of some of the drawing papers found in works selected from the Oppé collection of drawings and watercolours for the exhibition British Watercolours from the Oppé collection shown at the Tate Gallery during 1997. The first part (in The Quarterly, No 25 January 1998) dealt with the background to papers used by artists.

8 pages, illustrated

Papermaking at the British Empire Exhibition 1924: Information from the World's Paper Trade Review - Daven Chamberlain

Follow up article to Papermaking at Wembley by Harry Dagnall (The Quarterly, No 25 January 1998), detailing the technical points of the machine used for demonstrations and a listing of the exhibitors who used it and the samples produced. The information has been taken from various editions of The World's Paper Trade Review.

3 pages