The Quarterly No. 25 - January 1998

Drawing Papers from the 18th and 19th Centuries: Papers from the Oppé collection, part 1 - Peter Bower

An article in two parts based on work carried out for the Tate Gallery on the papers found in the works selected from the Oppé collection for the exhibition British Watercolours from the Opp?ollection shown at the Tate Gallery during 1997. This first part is more concerned with the background to papers used by artists, specific studies are dealt with in the second part (The Quarterly, No 26 April 1998).

5 pages, illustrated

The Conservators Dilemma: Conserving the Oppé collection - Camilla Baskcomb

An account of some of the conservation problems and 'dilemmas' encountered in assessing over 100 selected works from the more than 3000 watercolours and drawings in the Oppé collection. With background information on some of the causes of deterioration and some examples of the conservation techniques used to solve them.

8 pages, illustrated

Papermaking at Wembley - H Dagnall

A short article giving a brief description of the model papermaking machine operated in the Palace of Industries at the British Empire Exhibition held at Wembley in the summers of 1924 and 1925. There is a follow up article in The Quarterly, No 26 April 1998 (Papermaking at the British Empire Exhibition 1924: Information from the World's Paper Trade Review).

2 pages, illustrated

The Vocabulary of Papermaking: The Etymology of the Term Woodfree - Peter Bower

The history of the derivation and variations of the term 'woodfree', a short article with examples.

2 pages

Book Reviews

Davidson of Mugiemoss: A History of C. Davidson & Sons, Makers of Wrapping Papers, Paper Bags, Paper Board and Plasterboard Liner. J. N. Bartlett.
A Treatise on Hemp. M. Marcandier.

British Paper Mills: Catteshall Mill, Godalming, Surrey, part 1: Hand-made Paper - Alan Crocker

A two part article (part two in The Quarterly, No 26 April 1998) detailing the history and occupiers of this mill from 1661 to 1928. This first part covers the period prior to mechanisation from 1661 to 1837 when production was of hand-made paper. Occupiers during this period were John Knight, Father and Son, Thomas Harrison and The Chandler and Sweetapple Families.

8 pages, illustrated, maps

Some Thoughts on the Introduction of Paper to India - Anna Wise

An account of an attempt to clarify the issue of when paper was first introduced to India, with accounts of the some of the techniques and materials used in papermaking.

3 pages, map