The Quarterly No. 24 - November 1997

The Role of Women in Papermaking: An Introduction - Jean Stirk

The main purpose of this article is to examine the role and status of women as proprietors, as owners or tenants, of paper mills, based on an initial survey of one hundred and fifty who have been located. Other roles of women in the industry are also examined. Also provided is a listing of the known 18th and 19th century women proprietors of paper mills.

8 pages, illustrated

British Papermills: Artist's Paintings of Mills - Peter Bower

A short article on the depiction of the British papermill by artists. Illustrated is a painting of an unknown mill by John Piper commisioned in the early 1960's, if anyone can help identify the mill please contact the editor.

2 pages, illustrated

Determination of Rosin in Sizing Liquors - Dr Adolf Scheufelen

This article first appeared in The Paper Trade Review, Vol. X, No 24, December 14th 1888 , and sheds some interesting light on actual mill practice when dealing with the complexities of rosin sizing.

2 pages, illustrated

The Work of H-Dieter Pietsch: Exploring the Essence - Peter Bower

An exploration of the way in which the Wiltshire based artist Heinz-Dieter Pietsch has used paper and pulp to produce works of art. Background information is provided, giving an insight into the inspirations behind the works.

4 pages, illustrated

Digital Imaging of Watermarks: A Practical Demonstration from Nantes ms. 521 (Fr.355) - Ian Christie-Miller

The account of the examination and dating of a copy of the second and final kabbalistic work of the French franciscan Jean Thenaud (d. 1542) destined for the royal collection of Francis I (1494 - 1547). The article demonstrates the use of digital imaging to enhance watermarks in an aid to identification.

3 pages, illustrated

Book Reviews

Historic Framing and Presentation of Watercolours, Drawings and Prints. Edited By Nancy Bell.
Off the Deckle Edge: A Papermaking Journey Through India. Neeta Premchand.
Produzione e uso delle carte in Europa (secoli XIII-XX). Edited by Giancarlo Castagnari.
Machines Papier: Innovation et transformations de L'industrie papetiere en France 1798-1860. Les Usines Arjo Wiggins au XIX Siecle. Louis André
La Seine-et-Marne: Berceau du Papier-Monnaie: Essai sur la manufacture de Courtalin, La papeterie du Marais et L'usine de Biercy. Alain Dailly.
Von der Mühle zur Fabrik: Die Geschichte der Papierherstellung in der württembergischen und badischen Frühindustrialisierung. Frieder Schmidt.
Papiergesschichte (n) Papierhistorische Beiträge Wolfgang Schlieder zum 70. Geburststag. Edited by Frieder Schmidt.

A Paper Mill's Pathetic Appeal - anon

An extract from The Methodist Magazine of June, 1808, showing the need for paper salvage at that period.

1 page

Japanese Papermaking - Washi - Sandra Grantham

A historical account of the development of hand-made paper in Japan with details of the procedures and materials used. The author examines the current trends in hand papermaking in Japan and utilises modern photographs to illustrate the traditional techniques.

4 pages, illustrated