The Quarterly No. 23 - July 1997

Papermaking Moulds - Simon Barcham Green

A twentieth century papermakers perspective on European moulds which have changed little in a hundred years. The article describes the construction and use of moulds with a glossary of mould-related terms.

6 pages, illustrated

British Paper Mills: Oakenclough Paper Mill between 1845 and 1914, A True Family Concern - Mike Malley

The second part of the comprehensive history of this Lancashire mill (part one in The Quarterly, No 21 January 1997). Details of the changes and expansion under the hands of successive generations of the Jackson family, with appendices on production amounts, types of paper, and buildings on the mill site. There is also an appendix detailing the number of mills in operation countrywide from 1885 - 1914.

8 pages, plan

A New Development in Security Papermaking: The Luminus Banknote - Peter Bower

Since the beginning of banknotes and banknote paper manufacture the search has been on for The Inimitable Note, this is a short account of a new development in the field of security papers with a tipped in sample banknote. The article also provides some of the history on security markings in general.

2 pages, illustrated, tipped-in sample

The Paper for Dr Witherings Book, An Arrangement of British Plants - Richard L Hills

A detailed account of the sourcing of the paper for the third edition (in four volumes) of this book. The author defines the relationship between Dr Withering and James Watt, and details the correspondance between them over this matter.

2 pages

British Bibliography of Paper History and Watermark Studies No 4, 1996 - Norman Armes

A listing of publications and articles published in 1996 relating to paper studies, also addenda to Bibliography No 3, 1995 (see The Quarterly, No 19 July 1996).

2 pages

Book Reviews

Productivity and Performance in the Paper Industry: Labour, Capital and Technology in Britain and America, 1860-1914. Gary Bryan Magee.
From Rags to Roms: A History of Spicers 1796-1996. Ian Ormes

British Watermarks: An Introduction to Watermarks in Early Postage and Fiscal Stamps, 1840-1900 - Peter Bower

An initial study of seventeen watermarks found in paper used for printing stamps. Most watermarks have details of the producer and each has a listing of the values of stamp the paper was used for.