The Quarterly No. 21 - January 1997

Paper and Fine Printing - Philip Kerrigan

The importance of the choice of type, ink, paper and page design in the art of fine printing of books. Detailed descriptions of the materials, processes and techniques involved. Also covered is the involvement of William Morris in the development of fine printing techniques.

6 pages, illustrated

Understanding Problems Associated with Lignin in Paper - J Stanley & D J Priest

An examination of the role of lignin in the physical deterioration of paper. Emphasis is placed on the lack of any real evidence that lignin alone is resonsible, and outlines are given of the current areas of research indicating how much is about lignin is not yet understood. Diagram of a computer evaluation of a softwood lignin molecule.

6 pages, illustrated

A Sample Book from Basted Mill, Kent - Peter Bower

Short article detailing the sixteen sample artists papers in this sample book.

1 page, illustrated

British Papermills: Oakenclough Paper Mill (Excise Number 163) - Mike Malley

The history of the development of this Lancashire mill under the hand of John Jackson, who purchased it in 1826. The business he established was to carry his surname for 140 years and encompassed three generations of his family. Details of production and developments up until the mid nineteenth century.

6 pages, illustrated, appendices

The Travel Diaries of Joshua Gilpin: Some Paper Mills in Hertfordshire, 1796 - A P Woolrich

Joshua's account of his visits to mills in Hertfordshire accompanied by William Hall, the millwright of Dartford. Comprehensive descriptions of the mills, machinery and processes he observed. He also toured southern England, but reported little of the paper industry, and eventually travelled through Wales to depart to Ireland.

5 pages, illustrated

British Watermarks: Dates in Watermarks - H Dagnall

A short account of the period between 1794 and 1811 when it was compulsory to include the year date in the watermark under the statute 34 Geo.III c.20.

1 page

The Vocabulary of Papermaking: Some Notes on the Term Silurian as Applied to Paper - Barry Watson

Derivation of the name and description of the manufacturing process of this paper type. The effects of WWII on supplies of the raw materials and extent of the uses of the paper are covered, as are modern developments and uses.

2 pages, illustrated

Book Reviews

IPH Congress Book, Volume 10, 1994. Papers of the 22nd International Congress of Paper Historians, Annonay, France, 2-8th September 1994. Edited by Peter F. Tschudin.
Catalogue of Watermarks in Italian Printed Maps c1540-1600. David Woodward.