The Quarterly No. 20 - October 1996

British Paper Mills: Little Barrington Paper Mill - Basil Harley & R.T. Holmes

Little Barrington Mill was situated on the River Windrush, on the Gloucestershire/Oxfordshire border. Details of previous and subsequent uses are given as well as the history of the papermaking here from 1809 till its closure for this use in 1846.

6 pages, illustrated, plan

The Papers used by John Downman - Peter Bower

An identification of two probable sources for the Lightweight Wove Papers used by John Downman ARA (1750-1824) early in his career. This is not an exhaustive study of the paper used, but rather a record of work in progress, further work is planned in various archives. Details of paper from Hurcott Mill, Worcestershire and Iping Mill, Sussex, and some details of continental sources.

9 pages, illustrated

British Watermarks: A Rapid and Economical Method of Recording Watermarks - Elizabeth Lynch, with Jason Revel

Details of a quick and cost effective method of using lithographic film to record watermarks, devised during conservation treatment of "The Duchess of Hamilton and Duchess of Northumberland", John Downman, 1786. With list of the materials and costs involved.

2 pages, illustrated

Miscellany: Hand Coating at Home Park Mill, Hertfordshire

An article, sent in by Barry Watson, which was originally published in Dickinson News in 1947 as part of a series on "Dickinson Craftsmen". The techniques for the production of coated paper and board are given, with special reference to the work of Dorothy Baldwin, illustrated left in 1947, probably the only hand-coater left in the country.

1 page, illustrated

Book Reviews

The Oxford Papers, Studies in British Paper History Volume 1. Edited by Peter Bower. Review by Nancy Bell.
A Consolidated Glossary of British Mill Terms. Edited by Tony Toward.

The Travel Diaries of Joshua Gilpin: Some Paper Mills in Kent, 1796 - A P Woolrich

An account of his journey through Kent visiting paper mills, with good descriptions of some of the machinery installed therein, with detailed accounts of production processes liberally illustrated with sketches. He also gives accounts of visits to mouldmakers, felters, etc. Mills visited include Old Turkey Mill, the mill of Clement Taylor and Edwards and Pine's Mill.

6 pages, illustrated

Picture Miscellany

View of the Machine House at Horton Kirby Paper Works, South Darenth, Kent, circa 1880. Wood engraving from a series produced for The Graphic Magazine. (Bower Collection)

1 page, illustrated