The Quarterly No. 18 - April 1996

Advice From a Father to His Son - J S Lee

J. S. Lee was manager of Hodgkinson's Wookey Hole Mill, Somerset, between 1870 and 1896. He was succeeded by his son Frank, who managed the mill from 1896 to 1916. The article is from Ms Notes which cover problem areas in the papermaking process which the elder Mr Lee evidently felt that his son would need to watch.

3 pages, illustrated

British Paper Mills: Standon Mill, Hertfordshire - Peter Bower

Standon Mill is situated on the River Rib near the village of Standon, about seven miles from Bishops Stortford. There has been evidence of a mill on the site since 1174. It operated as a papermill from 1713 till 1855 and details of the papermakers recorded over this period are given. A little local history is also given, including references to Thomas Standon, the abolitionist, and Neapolitan baloonist, Vincent Lunardi.

3 pages, illustrated, map

Sliding Scales - Michael Fuller

An examination of the slide rules made specifically for the paper trade. Specifically, the article concentrates on Thomlinson's Equivalent Paper Slide Scale, used mainly for converting the weight per ream of one size of paper to that of a different sheet size and ream count.

2 pages, illustrated

Two Sample Books from Eynsford Mill, Kent. - Peter Bower

A detailed examination of two sample books from this mill, produced some twenty years apart and designed for two very different markets. The first, from c1900, contains handmade artists' watercolour papers, the second, from the 1920's, contains mouldmade banknote papers.

4 pages, illustrated

Turkey Mill, Summer Excursion, July 1882

A short account of the annual excursion of the employees of Turkey Mill to Ramsgate and Margate.

1 page

British Watermarks: E & G Bothwell/Clutha Mills' Watermark - H Dagnall

An account of the origin and tracing of this watermark from the first printing of Canadian postage stamps in 1868, to the Edinburgh firm of Andrew Whyte & Son Ltd., papermerchants and manufacturing stationers, who also had a warehouse in Bothwell Street, Glasgow.

2 pages, illustrated

Letter - Michael Fuller

A short musical work inspired by Turkey Mill, Maidstone, Kent, written by J T Warren in 1891. The wherabouts of the score are unknown, and, at present, nothing is known about J T Warren.

1 page

Book Reviews

Dunhuang and Turfan: Contents and Conservation of Ancient Documents from Central Asia. Edited by Susan Whitfield and Frances Wood.
The Paper Conservator Volume 19. Edited by Nancy Bell and Katherine Swift.
Lining and Backing: The Support of Paintings, Paper and Textiles. Edited by Andrew Durham.
The Wallpaper History Review 1995. Edited by Christine Woods.
A Hand Papermaker's Sourcebook. Sophie Dawson and Silvie Turner.

Fire-proof Paper and Printing - L Frobeen

A short article, believed to be from a trade journal c1880, detailing the use of asbestos fibres to make a paper which will apparently resist a white heat. Recipes are also given for two fire-proof inks.

1 page

Some Twentieth Century Ream Labels - Peter Bower

The art of the ream label is an area of paper historical research which has received little attention. The little work that has been done is generally concerned with the earlier examples. This article examines four twentieth century examples, illustrating some of the extraordinary range of styles and designs.

3 pages, illustrated