The Quarterly No. 16 Supplement - September 1995

Surrey Watermarks - Alan Crocker

Forty paper mills are known to have existed in the historic county of Surrey, including the modern boroughs of south west London and a few on Surrey's boundaries with Hampshire and Sussex. During the last twenty years the author has researched the history of these mills and collected watermarks from the twenty four or more which produced hand-made paper. This article provides a comprehensive list of the watermarks discovered together with selected tractings. Brief accounts of the relevant periods of history of the mills are also presented. Mills covered are:-

  • On the Upper river Wey: Haslemere Mills, Barford Mills, Godalming Mills.
  • On the Tillingbourne: Chilworth, Albury and Postford Mills.
  • On the Lower River Wey: Stoke Mill, Bower's Mill, Byfleet and Ham Haw Mills.
  • On the River Mole: Down Mill.
  • On the Hogsmill River: Ewell Mill.
  • On the River Wandle: Carshalton Mills, Morden and Merton Mills.
  • On the Neckinger: Neckinger Mill.

A table of the hand-made paper mills is provided with periods of operation, and Appendices of known watermarks in Surrey paper and Surrey papermakers whose marks are not known. Fifty eight watermarks are illustrated.

16 pages, table, maps, illustrated, appendices