The Quarterly No. 16 - September 1995

Recollections of Dartford Paper Mills - John Firrell, with additional material by Alan Vickers

A reprint of an article first published in Gatefold, the magazine of the Wiggins Teape Pensioners Association, in which the author details developments at the mills from his arrival in 1934, up until the 1980's. The trials and tribulations of running a papermill, keeping up with new developments and the problems of diversification are covered in some detail. Additional information on sheet finishing in the early 1960's is provided by Alan Vickers.

6 pages, illustrated

British Watermarks: Further Information on Prince of Wales' Feathers Watermarks - Peter Bower

Further information as a supplement to "Prince of Wales' Feathers Watermarks" in The Quarterly, No 15, regarding the possibility that Molineux and Johnston of Isfield and Lewes Mills, Sussex may have been responsible for some of the known examples of this watermark.

1 page

British Paper Mills: Wansford Mill, Northamptonshire - John L. Gilbert

Situated in the grounds of Stibbington House, near the river Nene, some eight miles west of Peterborough is a building known as the Soll, this is all that remains of Wansford Paper Mills, which at one time supplied paper to The Times. The article gives the history of this mill and its occupants from the first recorded reference to a paper mill in 1704, to its closure in 1859. Some details of the previous and subsequent history are also provided.

6 pages, illustrated

See also the Supplement which is a comprehensive sixteen page article of Surrey watermarks.