The Quarterly, No. 13 - December 1994

Plate Papers and India Proof Prints - Penny Jenkins

India proof prints are integrally bound up with the development of papermaking and unusually, are the only type of graphic art identified by the name or type of paper used. Although there are many accurate references to them in some publications, they do appear to cause confusion and many are now neglected unfashionable images. The author gives not only a descriptions of the development, production and conservation of this paper type, but also information on other printing papers of the eighteenth century, China paper and Plate papers in the nineteenth century.

11 pages, illustrated

The "Swing Riots" & the Paper Machine Breakers - Jean Stirk

An account of how the riots following the introduction of the threshing machine in 1830 spread to the destruction of other machinery including papermaking machines. Details are given of attacks on specific mills, court hearings and an analysis of the occupations of the rioters.

4 pages, illustrated

British Paper Mills: Egglestone Abbey Mill, Co. Durham - Peter Bower

A short history of this mill from about 1717, the predominant family at the mill were the Cookes, who ran the mill from 1773 until moving to Richmond in 1830, after which it was converted into a corn mill. Topics covered include the fire at the mill, J M W Turner's paintings of the mill and some subsequent history of both Eggleton Abbey Mill and the Cooke family business.

3 pages, illustrated


Letter from Michael Fuller requesting information about the author and publisher of A Practical Treatise On The Manufacture Of Paper. An extract from the book is included detailing precautions, issued by The Treasury Department, Washington D.C., on December 22nd 1884, to be taken when importing rags from foreign countries (because of the cholera outbreak in Europe in the summer of 1884).

1 page

Book Reviews

The Paper Conservator, Volume 18. Edited by Nancy Bell and Katherine Swift.
Modern Works, Modern Problems?. Papers presented to the Institute of Paper Conservation Conference held at the Tate Gallery, 3-5 March 1994. Edited by Alison Richmond.

Making Calendar Bowls - Peter Bower

Short description of the methods and variety of types of calendar bowls made by the Middleton Bowl Works Ltd of Manchester for the calendar stacks made by Hunt and Moscrop Ltd.

1 page, illustrated