The Quarterly No. 12 Supplement - September 1994

West Country Paper Mills

A supplement produced to coincide with the BAPH Conference at Exeter, devoted to six West Country paper makers all making paper by hand today.
Papermaking has a long history in the the three counties, Devon, Somerset and Gloucestershire, represented here. All three counties have flourishing machine-made paper mills but the makers listed in this supplement are all, in their various ways, part of a longer tradition of of handmade papermaking. Some of the techniques they use and some of the science might not be recognisable to an 18th or 19th century papermaker but they would recognise the striving for excellence and the making of such good papers.

The six mills covered are:-
  • Bingham & Company, Ruscombe Paper Mill, Kingscourt Yard, Bowl Hill, Stroud, Gloucestershire.
  • Griffen Mill, The Old Mill, Croscombe, nr Wells, Somerset.
  • Sheepstor Handmade Papers, Covert House, Yelverton, Devon.
  • Gillian Spires, 4 Fore Street, Ugborough, Ivybridge, Devon.
  • The Two Rivers Paper Co., Pitt Mill, Roadwater, Watchet, Somerset.
  • Wookey Hole Papermill, (Wookey Hole caves Ltd.), Wookey Hole, nr Wells, Somerset.

Each gives details of the papers they produce and some idea of the processes involved. Tipped in paper samples are provided for some of the papers from each of the mills.

12 pages, illustrated, map, tipped in paper samples