The Quarterly No. 12 - September 1994

John Gamble and the St. Neots Paper Mill - Norman Cowell

A comparison between the history of John Gamble's connection with the St. Neots paper mill as revealed by the archive at St. Ives, with the later part of the account which he himself wrote and published. Substantial differences show up and it is, perhaps, not overstating to say that Gamble presents himself in a light which is not totally justified by the facts. With details of Gamble's association with the Fourdriniers and his relationship with Matthew Towgood.

7 pages, tables, illustrated

Archives of Paper History, part 3: Wycombe Marsh Paper Mills Ltd. - Peter Bower

Details of the archive items collected from this company in 1993 prior to its closure. Period covered is from 1915 to 1990.

2 pages, table, illustrated

Walter Woodbury and the Photo-Filigrane Process - Peter Bower

Walter Woodbury (1834-1885), inventor of the Woodburytype process of photographic engraving, also developed a variation of his process adapted to create watermarks in already made paper. Such processes were developed for small order clients whose requirements made the cost of a new dandy roll impractical for such short runs.

3 pages, illustrated