The Quarterly No. 11 - July 1994

British Paper Mills: Otham Mill, Kent - Michael Fuller

A description of the layout of this mill, on the river Len, at Bearsted, to the east of Maidstone, based on information gathered in a series of visits by Bob Spain, Alf Spain and the author. A detailed description is given of the positioning of the machinery within the mill site. A brief history of the period of operation from about 1700 to about 1860 is given as an introduction.

5 pages, illustrated

British Bibliography of Paper History and Watermark Studies No 1, 1993 - Peter Bower

A listing of publications and articles relating to paper history and allied topics published in 1993.

2 pages

Rags as Raw Materials for Papermaking, part 3: Some Comments on Rag Processing at Croxley Mill - Barry Watson

The article is based on notes written by the author in 1948 at the request of the mill manager, after he had spent several weeks working and observing in the rag processing departments of Croxley Mill, Hertfordshire. Detailed accounts of the various processes involved are given as well as general observations on conditions in the mill. An additional section on synthetic fibres, summarised from an article in an American papermaking journal, is given at the end.

3 pages, illustrated

O.S.P. - An Enigma? - Jean Stirk

The history of the Original Society of Papermakers, a trade union set up exclusively for the journeymen and apprentices of the hand-made paper trade. The union is believed to have been formed in 1800, closing in 1948, in preference to amalgamation, when it became no longer viable.

3 pages, illustrated

Book Review

Slownik papierniczy Angielsko-Polski: A New Polish Dictionary of Papermaking Terms. Dr. Jozef Robowski.