The Quarterly No. 10 - March 1994

Some Notes on Derbyshire Paper Mills, part 2 - Tanya Schmoller

The second and final part of this article, this part concentrating on the mills of Darley Abbey, Turn Lee, Dover and Charleston (the last three near Glossop), but other mills are also mentioned. Details of the mills construction and layout are given along with details of the occupants and some of the paper workers.

5 pages, illustrated


Recycling in Tibet - Richard Busby
A short piece written in 1818 about the recycling of paper in Tibet.

Paper Mills and Pollution - Tanya Schmoller
An extract from Roderick Grant's The Great Canal, 1978, detailing benefits of paper made with polluted water.

1 page

Light and Shade Watermarks, part 2 - Richard Hills

The second part of this comprehensive article on the development of watermarks. This part details the development of watermarks in wove paper and on paper machines.

5 pages, illustrated

British Paper Mills: Beltonford Paper Mill and the Annandale Family - Ally Knox

The history of this mill from its construction in 1863 until its untimely demise by fire in 1892. Many details are given of the building works, both of the mill and the connected buildings, and of the Annandale family who also owned the Polton Paper Mill. The mill never operated again as a paper mill after the fire, but the remaining buildings were used as a maltings until again destroyed by fire in the 1970's.

4 pages, illustrated


Details of a mould acquired by The Barcham Green historical collection and a further letter with more information on The Experienced Millwright by Andrew Gray, Edinburgh, 1804.

Book Reviews

Studies on the History of Papermaking in Britian by Alfred H Shorter. Edited by Richard L Hills.
The Paper Conservator Volume 17. Edited by Nancy Bell and Katherine Swift.
Mill on the Don. John Fedo.