The Quarterly No. 9 - January 1994

Some Notes on Derbyshire Paper Mills, part 1 - Tanya Schmoller

Notes on some Derbyshire mills, their occupants and paper industry workers taken from various sources including trade directories, census returns, newspapers and other documents. Information mainly on the following mills:- Alport Mill, Hayfield Mill, Masson Mill, Hall Dale Mill, White Hall Mill and Peckwash Mill, but also references to other mills.

4 pages

Miscellany: Trade Card of William Fitch, c1850-60 - Peter Bower

Description and illustration of a trade card with 20 coloured paper oval samples from this London papermaker.

1 page, illustrated

Light and Dark Watermarks, part 1 - Richard Hills

As papermaking spread across the rest of northern Europe from Italy, the art of watermarking went with it. it is through watermarks that we are able to learn a great deal about the history of papermaking. We are also able to learn something about the techniques being used and it is this aspect the author examines by looking at paper which has survived principally in England to see how the art of watermarking has developed over the centuries.

5 pages, illustrated

British Paper Mills: Tuckenhay, Devon - Peter Bower

Brief history of this mill and its occupants from about 1829 to its closure in 1970. There was also a second mill operating at Tuckenhay from 1832-1860, however, it is the longer operating mill which the article concentrates on. Tuckenhay was the last vat mill, designed to be used solely for hand papermaking, to be established in South West England.

2 pages, illustrated

Christmas at Matthias Koops Mill, 1802 - Richard Hills

Letters from the Matthias Koops Archives at the Dard Hunter Museum, the letters are all written in December 1802, From their content it is assumed that the mill had gone bankrupt in November, with the consequent dismissal of the workforce, as the correspondence centres on the dispute over payment for the Christmas period.

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Book Reviews

A Paper Journey: Travels among the Village Papermakers of India and Nepal. Nigel Macfarlane.
Products of Papermaking: Transactions of the Tenth Fundamental Research Symposium held at Oxford, September 1993. Edited by CF Baker.


Responses and additional information to The Panhouse Disaster in The Quarterly No 8 and James Watt and Papermaking in The Quarterly No 7. Reference is also made to "The Experienced Millwright" by Andrew Gray, Edinburgh, 1804.

2 pages, illustrated