The Quarterly No. 8 - September 1993

Rags as Raw Materials for Papermaking, part 2: The Production of Rag Halfstuff at Croxley Mill, Hertfordshire in 1948 - Barry Watson

The continuation from The Quarterly No 7 of this highly detailed account of the selection and treatment of rags for papermaking. This part covers the production of the halfstuff, each part of the process is covered in some length with details of times, quantities and type of chemical used, and the temperatures involved.

7 pages, illustrated

The Panhouse Disaster - N T Sharpe

An account of the explosion, and subsequent investigation, of a spherical boiling pan at Olive and Partington's Turnlee Paper Mills, Glossop, Derbyshire. The explosion occurred on 25th June 1943 and caused extensive damage and the loss of four lives.

3 pages, illustrated

British Paper Mills: Haughton Castle Mill, Northumberland - Peter Bower

A short history of this mill from its being built in 1788 till the last known reference in 1862. Haughton mill was involved in the production of paper for the forging of assignats, the paper currency used by the revolutionary authorities in France in the early 1790's as a controlled and deliberate weapon of war.

3 pages, illustrated


Simon Barcham Green.

Additional comments to part 2 of Richard Hills article on The Cylinder Mould Machine in The Quarterly No 5, December 1992. The writer gives details of the construction and use of removable covers, or sleeves, on cylinder mould machines supplementing Richard Hills article.

1 page

Book Reviews

A guide to watermark catalogues found in art historical publications.

Piranesi: Early Architectural Fantasies. A Catalogue Riaisonn of the Etchings by Andrew Robison.
Master Drawings in The Royal Collection. Jane Roberts.
Rubens & Rembrandt in their Century: Flemish and Dutch Drawings of the 17th Century from the Pierpont Morgan Collection. Felice Stampfle.
A Dictionary of Michaelango's Watermarks. Jane Roberts.
Andrea Mantegna. Edited by Jane Martineau.