The Quarterly No. 5 - December 1992

Papermaking by Design - P R Crockett

In 1987 Wiggins Teape (now Arjo Wiggins) replaced the paper machine control system at their mill in Fort William with a state of the art Foxboro control system in a new control room. It was decided to add interest to the walls by putting up large reproductions of drawings of old Wiggins Teape paper machines. This article details the problems that were encountered in locating suitable drawings, with descriptions of the machines in the four eventually chosen.

4 pages, illustrated

The Cylinder Mould Machine, part 2 - Richard Hills

The second and final part of the history of the development of this important papermaking machine. Details are given of the spread of the design around the world, and of the development of board machines. Many machines are still in use today and the locations of some of them are given along with the uses they are put to.

5 pages, illustrated

The Early History of Empire Paper Mills - Anon

Neil Younger of Empire Fine Papers Ltd. has sent us this article on the early history of the Mill from its foundation in 1908. The Mill was originally known as Ingress Abbey Paper Mills and was Potter and Company's branch of Wallpaper Manufacturers Ltd. A comprehensive description of the mill and its products are given, of particular interest are the activities during the Second World War, including the recycling of banknotes to make toilet paper.

5 pages, illustrated

Book Reviews

Sheffield Papermakers: Three Centuries of Papermaking in the Sheffield Area. Tanya Schmoller.
Institute of Paper Conservation Conference Papers, Manchester 1992. Edited by Sheila Fairbrass.
Rekodzeilo Papiernicke. Jozef Dabrowski & Jadwiga Siniarska-Czaplicka.