The Quarterly No. 4 - July 1992

The Cylinder Mould Machine, part 1 - Richard Hills

The history of the development of the cylinder mould machine, originally invented by John Dickinson in 1809. An article in two parts, this first part covering the development of the machine up to 1820. Highly detailed descriptions of the machines and the processes involved are given, along with descriptions of the problems encountered and the improvements made to solve them.

5 pages, illustrated

Working in a Cylinder Mould Machine Mill - Gerard Pink

Reminiscences of working in Portal's Overton Mill in Hampshire. The author gives a good description of the working processes of the mill but also adds little details which give a personal touch to the article. Also mentioned is the first introduction of the metal strip into bank-notes.

3 pages

Old English Watermarks - E Clifton

This article, which probably dates from the 1950's, by E Clifton, about "Old English Watermarks" and describing the author's paper collection, has been found recently in Holland amongst the papers of E J Labarre. The whereabouts of the author or the collection are unknown. Clifton lists the collection as containing 678 examples of 23 different watermarks, all from a relatively short period of history, and all from dated MSS letters and documents. The collection would provide a valuable reference set and contribute much to present understanding of paper usage in England, particularly in the seventeenth century. If anyone has information about the author or the collection please contact Peter Bower.

4 pages

Book Reviews

Paper Gold Medal: 25 Years. Benn Publications Ltd.
Papermaking in the Classroom. Dard Hunter.
Early American Papermaking. Introduced by John Bidwell.
Environmental Issues in the Pulp and Paper Industries. Neil Kirkpatrick.
MILL 364: Papermaking at St. Cuthbert's. Brian Luker.
The Alum Farm. Together with a History of the Origin, Development and Eventual Decline of the Alum Trade in North East Yorkshire. Robert Bell Turton.